21 Days of Grizz

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October has been full of laughs, soft kisses, struggles, belly rubs, and even a few tears—a roller coaster of sorts. Grizz is an unbelievably amazing fella with so much love in his heart. While things haven’t been perfect, they have been pretty great and this little man is settling into his new home quite nicely. We’ve asked a lot of our Grizzy Bear in just 3 short weeks and he’s responding beautifully. Grizz is a resilient, adventurous ball of energy and it has been fun to watch him blossom into the dog he so badly wants to be. Though he has a long way to go, Grizzy has been facing his fears and becoming braver and gaining more confidence day-by-day. We’re so proud of our little man and grateful for the opportunity to be his mom and dad.

Overall, he’s shy, more intelligent than most children (and possibly 75% of adults), as goofy as his parents, has teeth like a Parana and is cunning as a fox! He’s stubborn and willful when he desides to be, which is probably how he’s survived this long. Perhaps he didn’t have the best start to life, but Eric and I would like to think the rest of his days will be more happy than he could have ever imagined. I hope you enjoy getting to know Grizz as much as we have!


Hello World.

Hi, I’m Grizz.

I’m the crazy ball of fur that my mom has been going on and on about and this is my story. Before I get too serious, I thought I’d tell you some fun facts about me. After all, this whole blog is about me, me, me!

My full name is Grizzly Boulder Davis but my Mom and Dad like to refer to me as Grizzy Bear. How embarrassing!

I’m from Colorado so that automatically makes me super cool. All great things come from Colorado though Mommy says that Idaho is the best. I hope she takes me there someday soon. Then, I can formulate my own opinion.

I love to run, but I settle for long walks. I’m all about the mountains (like mommy) but I’ll pretty much walk anywhere. The more wooded the better! Adventuring in the woods is my favorite! I think that’s one of the things my mom likes about me the most.

My favorite smell is peanut butter. Favorite food is peanut butter. Favorite toy is a peanut butter stuffed Kong. Favorite motivator is peanut butter. In case you didn’t catch the drift, I really LOVE peanut butter. I can smell peanut butter even when you’re just thinking about giving me some peanut butter. Yeah, I got skills.

Speaking of skills, the other thing I’m really good at is chewing things. I can destroy any toy/bone/chewy in less than 60 seconds if I so choose. If I’m really motivated, I can do it in 30. Mom said I chewed through $100 pretty quickly. I’m not sure what that means, but I was pretty proud of myself because it sounded impressive. Dad said maybe we can try sticks for a while. Ooo, sticks! I like sticks too!

There are a lot of other great things about me that you should probably know, but I’ll save that for another time. I’m here to tell a story about my first 21 days in my new home and that is what I’m going to do. I decided to start in the present, because, well, I’m a dog and we don’t really think much about the past or the future like humans do. Plus, I don’t really remember much about my past even though it has shaped who I am in many ways. For example, I really hate loud noises, I have some major trust issues, and I’m scared of a lot of things. My new family is trying to help me overcome my fears but I’m here to say, it’s not going to happen over night!

Anyways, It’s always easier to tell a story from the beginning so here goes. Oh, in case I forget to say this later, thanks for reading and I hope to meet you soon!

Day 1

Today some new people came over to my foster home to play. They smelled kinda funky which is one of my favorite smells so I liked them right away. Things were going really well until the hairy one tried to put a leash on me. While they seemed nice, I’d been down this road too many times before and I knew what was coming.

No! I was just getting settled into my new home and now I was about to be uprooted yet again? No! I don’t want to loose my new brother, Ollie. He’s so cool and is teaching me how to be a better dog. No, no, no, no…NO.

I did the only think that seemed rational at the time—run! I hid in the bathroom where it was really dark and made myself as small as I could in hopes that no one wouldn’t find me. Unfortunately, my foster mom can smell really good and it didn’t take long for her to sniff me out. I was loaded into this big white box they call a van with all kinds of new, unfamiliar odors and we drove away from everything I knew.

Despite all the attention and kind words, I was sad, scared, and so so nervous. It was all so much to take in. The rest of the day was kind of a blur. All I remember was that I decided to lay on the floor as far away from the humans as I could get and I stayed there for a very, very long time.

Day 2

Sideways on my bed

I slept all night in my new bed which seemed to impress the humans. I don’t know why—I just didn’t want to be near them really. They keep introducing me to all these strange noises that I don’t particularly care for. I’m really not fond of these large trucks with big wheels and air brakes or the over-sized men that come from them. They smell of stale grease and cigarettes. Normally I like stinky things, but in this case, I do not. The humans seem a little worried about me “ak-lah-mate-ing” to their lifestyle. They keep talking about things like “the bonding process”, “The Farm”, and how they dread the boring drive through “Can’s-Ass”. Personally, I thought Can had the best butt I’ve ever smelled! What do humans know anyways?

I was still pretty bummed about losing my foster family so I spent most of the day laying around. Occasionally, I would get a little restless and give the humans a hint it was time to stop by grabbing my leash and putting it in a straight line. They seemed very in tune with my needs and stopped many times to let me stretch my legs and pee—they even encouraged me to play. But, I just didn’t feel safe walking around in new areas, even the nice quiet spots that my mom found special for me while dad was driving. Every time we’d stop I’d remember that it was all new. Then, I’d get scared and retreat back to “my spot” in the van refusing to go out. It was a viscous cycle but they never gave up on me.

Take a hint, humans!
Oh yeah, almost forgot, “DAD, I’m scared!”

It was a tough day until I learned that I have grandparents! What?!? Not only do I have grandparents but they live in an apartment with not just ONE, but TWO beds to choose from! Beds and carpet and room to run around when I choose. I made myself right at home in this paradise.


Day 3

Nickname #1: The Seam Ripper

I decided to open up a little more today. The humans who stole me from my foster home brought me a present that first day but I didn’t want to seem too excited so I ignored it. What did they think? That I could be bought? After at least 72 hours of loneliness, I finally decided the duck deserved some of my attention. As I dug in for a taste, I overheard the lady human tell Grandma that she figured the toy would last a while because it was made of a tough canvas. I saw that as a challenge so I found the weakest point and destroyed the duck in less than 45 seconds. I ripped that seam with my sharp puppy teeth and located the squeaker packed between lots of fluffy white stuff. Judging by the human’s face, I taught her 2 lessons—A. Never underestimate my abilities and B. I speak English.

Maybe these humans aren’t so bad after all.

Day 4

The Farm
The long-eared-monster-demon-beast

Today I finally learned what my humans meant by, “The Farm”. I met new humans which was going well until heard the most horrifying sound I’ve ever heard. Someone said it was called a Donkey but I call it a long-eared-monster-demon-beast. It’s really loud and talks more than even Grandma! Woof woof. That was funny. I’m funny. I love you Grammy.

Anyways, I’m not so sure I like the front of the farm but I absolutely love the back half! There is lots of room for me to run and play and the humans take me on long walks several times each day.

I love my new yard! Since I’m scared of so many things, I hadn’t been as active as I would have liked. So, I had a lot of energy to burn! And burn it I did….

Me running by the cornfields
Me running in the fog
Me running by the pond
Wait? There’s a pond!?! How did I miss that? Oh yeah, I was RUNNING!!!

So. Many. Places. To. Run!

And chew.

And get wet/dirty (or even better….both at the same time!)

Ok, I can see why the humans love the farm. Well, except for those long-eared-monster-demon-beasts. I hate those things!

Day 5-6

The kitchen/living room just got smaller!

Awe man, this place is the best! I’ve been running and playing and having the best of times the last several days. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my freak out moments but the bearded human says it’s OK because it’s only been a week. I have to say, it felt so good to run after being sad and scared in the beginning.

Mom (yeah, I’ve already started calling her that because I really like her)…yeah, Mom said that transitions are tough. Dad agreed. Dad is super cool too. We have so much in common. We both love water, snuggling with Mom and we’re really particular about our number twos.

I want to trust my humans more, but I’m still a little scared they will leave me like everyone else. I keep a watchful eye on them at all times, but they never venture very far away.

When I get nervous, I like to hang out in my spot. Unfortunately, my spot is also the same spot that Mom and Dad use for like everything! It’s a good thing we all get along because sometimes our space gets a little tight.

I’m so thankful that my foster family worked so hard to find good humans for me. Despite my insecurities, I have super positive vibes about my new family. It just smells right!

Day 7

Tonight I hung out with Mom and Dad almost all evening without any freak outs. I sort of like dark skies the best because there are less scary noises and I can’t see as much. Dad was fishing and the stars were shining bright—it was the perfect night. It felt nice to relax and hang with my humans. I’m pretty sure they are MY humans now, at least I hope they are. But, I’ve been disappointed before. All I know is that I’m not sure I could take loosing another pair of humans—not again.

I’ve been testing Mom and Dad often just to see how serious they are about keeping me around. Tonight, when I caught dad sitting on the edge of his chair, I took full advantage of the opening. I wedged my front paws in and the rest of me followed. I mean, why should I have to sit on this cold ground anyways? What do they think I am? A dog? So, up I went! Dad just laughed and petted me on the head. Mom said something about creating a monster and laughed too. Yeah, I really hope these are going to be my forever humans!

Day 8

Did somebody say, “Vet”?

I had to go to the vet today. Mom said that because of something called, “Covid”, she was not allowed to come in with me. Mom and Dad both promised they would be here for me when I got done, but I wasn’t sure. I’ve been left before. I could tell Mom was worried about me, so I decided to be brave and go with the tech who came to escort me in. While I was with the doggie doctor, I heard her tell Mom over the phone that I was super healthy. She also said that she thought I was only ONE not THREE. Yay! More years for me. I got lots of rubs and pets at the vets office and everyone said I was a sweetheart. I can pour it on pretty thick when I want. I’m kind of handsome too so that helps. The best part of the day was when Mom and Dad were right where I left them just like they said they would be! I was so happy I wagged my tail bunches and gave them lots of kisses. Maybe we will be a family after all!

Post-Vet nap

Day 9

Have I mentioned how much I love the farm? After an afternoon at at my Grandparents and a doctor’s visit to boot, it felt good to get back! It’s so peaceful and I appreciate the quiet. Thank you Mary and Lindell for letting us spend some time on your beautiful property. It makes us all so very happy!

Day 10-12

For some reason, my brain went haywire during my second week with my new family. I’m not sure what happened but I think maybe I was just overwhelmed by all of the new sights, smells, and changes in my life—it was too much and I went a little crazy.

CBD for Pets

First, I couldn’t listen to anything. I was unfocused and unruly. Then, suddenly, I became more scared than I’ve ever been and I wanted to run away from everything. Mom and Dad didn’t really know what to do to help me and I didn’t know either. I hid in my spot when we were in the van. When I went to my grandparents house, I just laid my sad, weary head on the bed and wouldn’t go outside. It was a rough. Mom and Dad are the best though. They went to a special store where they bought me some natural oils that make me feel a lot better. Dad even bought me a smelly-good collar made from lavender. I find extremely calming.

Day 13

Life is pretty good. I feel so loved. I want to love Mom and Dad back as much as they seem to love me, but some days, it’s really hard to open my heart up and let them in. Every day does get better though. That oil stuff they bought me seems to be helping me out. Dad keeps telling mom that he has a good feeling about me. Well, I have a good feeling about them too. I’m going to try so hard to show them I’m doing my very best.

Snuggies with Mom
Snuggies with Dad
Suggies with Mom AND Dad!

Day 14

Today was SO awesome! I went paddle boarding for the very first time! Mom said I was a natural. Dad seemed impressed. Mom let me sniff my life vest and I gave her the OK to put it on me. I ran around like a wild man for a while while Mom walked the board down to the water. She got on first and I quickly followed. Before I knew it, we were floating!

We didn’t go to far because I did get a little nervous and started pacing. Then, I slipped off and got super scared even though I know how to swim. Mom scooped me right up thanks to my handy life vest and got me back on the board. Man, I love Mom for that one. I’m not always brave, but Mom and Dad both make me feel like I can do anything. After about 20 minutes, I jumped off the board all by myself and swam to Dad. I wanted to show my humans I can do great things too! They were so excited that I ran all around the lake and rolled in the grass in celebration. This was my favorite day so far!

Day 15-19

The last several days have been filled with long walks (which I love) and leash training (which I don’t love). I can be sort of stubborn sometimes and when I don’t like what they are doing, I grab my leash with my razor sharp teeth and chew, chew, chew. I gobbled up my first leash pretty quickly but Mom said that Dad is like some guy named Mac-Guy-Ver and can fix anything. Now it was my turn to be impressed. Dad’s new leash is pretty much indestructible—trust me!

Every day I learn from my humans and they tell me that they’re learning from me too. I think that’s what I respect most about my new family, they listen to me too. I’ve never been fond of dictatorships.

Day 20

Today was another favorite day! Mom and Dad took me to the dog park to meet some new friends. I think it was a tough decision considering the current climate of our world with the Pandemic and all (well, that’s their words not mine). All I know is that I got to run and play for like an hour and boy was I tired when I got done! Mom took lots of photos like usual.

Happy Dog

Even though I enjoy our walks, I was born to run fast! It was the mostest fun I’ve had in a long time! Dad said I did great! I love to please my Daddy <3

Day 21

I’m getting more and more comfortable with my family every day. My new game is to play dead right before mommy gets into bed for the night. Dad likes this game too, it makes him laugh his real laugh which only me and mommy get to hear. It’s really funny actually. The object of the game is to count how many creative ways Mom will try to maneuver me around the bed all while trying to get under the covers. She says she never knew a 42 pound dog that could turn into a 100 pound brick of concrete on a moments notice. I guess that means I’m really good at pretending to be asleep when I’m not. The other day she caught me opening my eyes which totally blew my cover.

I suppose it’s only fair to have a game for Mommy because I made a game with Daddy too—Fetch. It happened sort of accidentally while I was licking peanut butter out of my Kong (Mom always laughs when I say that but I’m not sure why). Anyways, I’d knocked the toy from my bed and it rolled out of reach. Mom and Dad had taken me on so many walks that day that I was a little tired so I appreciated it greatly when Dad popped right up and brought it back to me. I sort of liked the feeling of control it gave me so when it happened the second time, I didn’t even try to get up, I just looked to Dad. Amazingly, he brought it back again! Dad is so great. Now I know why they like to play this game so much with me.

I love outsmarting Mom and Dad! Woof, Woof I’m funny!

After a few seconds, I lost interest with my Kong and decided to pursue my experiment with Dad. When he wasn’t looking, I nudged my toy out of my bed on purpose. Woof, woof. I’m so funny. He didn’t even notice, so again, I got my Kong back for the 3rd straight time! I should have known better than to push my luck, but I’m a dog, I couldn’t help myself. Unfortunately, the next time I tried to purposefully push the toy from my bed, I locked eyes with Mom and knew I was caught red handed. I dropped my head and lowered my eyes but I knew it was too late. Even though Dad laughed after Mom told him the whole story, he must not have thought it was that funny because I had to walk over and get my Kong myself.

I’m glad I made these notes so that I can remember all the funny things I did!

Goofy Grizz

Check out my Elvis impersonation!

Yep, that’s me! I’m goofy, giddy, and sometimes gauche, but Mom and Dad say that overall, I’m G-G-G-Great. This is my story and this is my family.

Thanks again for reading and drop me a message to introduce yourself! I’m really looking forward to sniffing all of your butts someday! xoxoxo

PS: Mom says she PROMISES not to make everything about me. I’m not sure why because I’m pretty awesome and what better things could be talked about than all the wonderful things I do. But, either way, she hopes you enjoyed the blog.


10 Responses

  1. Debbie DeVonce

    Oh my gosh Jenni! Best blog ever! I can’t wait to meet Grizz! I’m so excited that he’s settling in to be your adventure buddy! It was great seeing the farm too. It looks like a gorgeous spot. I miss you!

    • Jenni

      Thanks Debbie! I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog. I can’t wait for you to meet Grizz as well because that means I’m back in Boise—My happy place! The farm is amazing and yes, you would absolutely love it!

  2. Barbara M

    You must come back here soon so we can meet Grizz!! What a precious pup! ❤️ Please keep posting your adventures with your “son”! Welcome to the pup parent family!

    • Jenni

      I do hope to come back to Boise someday soon! I miss it more than you know. Until then, I’ll try to post lots of pics of our adventures with Grizz. We’re excited to be part of the pup parent family! 🙂

  3. Kelley Treichel

    You guys have given him such an amazing life. I am so happy for him and you! ❤️

    • Jenni

      Hi Kelley! We sure hope so. It’s pretty slow going, but we’re not giving up on him yet! I think he misses having a big brother to look up to. I just feel so bad that he seems to be anxious 95% of the time and he is literally scared of everything. Looking into some medications to help ease his fears so that we can be more effective with our training!

  4. louise

    Hi Grizzy. Well let me say how lucky all 3 of you are. I know you melt your mommy and daddy’s heart. Those sweet looks of yours go a long way. I hope to meet you some day. We are dog friendly but our cat is not. She likes to be in charge but she is older now so maybe more tolerant than she used to be. Now your job is to direct your parents to Aunt Louise’s house.

    • Jenni

      Awe. Thanks Aunt Louise! Grizz says hello. He has melted our hearts in a big way. We went all the way to Missouri for that little booger, so you know it must be love! haha We hope to visit you someday soon, perhaps after winter is over? I would ABSOLUTELY love to see you and VIRGINIA! I’ve never been, so it would be a nice treat! Sending lots of love your way. Miss your beautiful spirit. <3

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