California: Week 8 Reflections

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How could I ever leave this beautiful place you ask? Because! I’m just getting warmed up. I have a whole big world to explore before settling down. I can’t believe I only have 3 days on this assignment. Wednesday, I’m heading back to Columbia, Missouri until I figure out where my next move will be. So far, I’m debating between Colorado, Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. I really want to share the pacific northwest with Eric. It’s a magical place and probably my favorite in all the US. That said, if I’ve learned anything in the past 5 months, it’s to keep my options open because you never know where the road will lead. It’s better not to control (or attempt to control) every aspect of the journey. Where’s the adventure in that!?!


This has been the most randomly eclectic and fun weeks since I’ve been here. Amazing what one can do when they are not sick for 4 straight weeks! Grrr. This week I got caught in a hail storm while having lunch out with the gang, went bowling as part of a team building activity at work, went and saw a great movie-SPLIT by M. Night Shyamalan with my favorite co-worker Becca and her friend Odie (who was also awesome!), had the best tacos since being in Cali (thank you so much Matty), and finally did what I said I’d do before leaving-hiked start to finish Rocky Hill Road (a total of 7 miles).

Here are some pics from the week!


Check out the shark cloud in the distance!  Looked like a GREAT day to be outside, but I was stuck in the cage.

So an hour or two later, those clouds turned black and this is what happened! Hail the size of dip-n-dots. We got stuck in it while returning from lunch and got SOAKED! It was so cold but awesome fun all at the same time. Lots of laughing as Becca and I found shelter under the overhang while Sue, Jennifer, and Joe stayed dry in the car! Party poopers! haha



Finally got to spend some time with my FAVORITE of all 10 pups. I want to make her mine, but not the right time!

I just love her to pieces!


From Left to Right: Lilly, Scott, Me, Becca, Sue, Joe, Bradley, Jake and wife, Kim, Justin, and Emily during out team building night at the bowling alley. Great fun!

Like a boss. Oh wait, she is the boss!

Seriously, best pizza. Yep. At the bowling alley of all places. Great Beer. Also exceptional service! Very impressed with Visalia!


Epic night out with Becca and Odie. Good times with new friends. I’m going to miss this crew! But, hope to be back. Becca, we gotta do some hikes! Plus, I have like 100 things left to do in Visalia. 🙂 I’ll be back! Thanks so much for the invite out, it was a blast!




Went and had the BEST tacos in Lindsay with Matty. I think this is the last time I’m going to see him for a while. Thanks for the hospitality, friendship, and generosity Matty. It’s been a pleasure meeting you and you def have the best Airbnb EVER! I will tell everyone I know about you 🙂


Graced with another amazing sunset here in Lindsay. The photo doesn’t do it justice but the mountains were purple. Just like the song. Majestic!




Bum bum de dum. I set a goal earlier in my stay to walk Rocky Hill Road and I finally made the time to do it! Nothing like waiting until the last minute! But, in all fairness it rained almost every day for what…2-2 1/2 weeks. Yeesh! So it was a beautiful weekend and I took advantage! I’m not sure if the 7 mile trek conquered me or I conquered it. I think it was more 50/50. Lol. But it was a great day and I had a great time despite all the people and all the cars.












Great week. Great people. Great Fun.  So thankful for my time here!


So what’s next?

Wednesday: Work then head to St. George, Utah

Thursday: St. George, Utah to Colby, Kansas

Friday: Colby, Kansas to Columbia, Missouri


Until next time!


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  1. Susan Hopkins

    You are such an beautiful lady with awesome photo skills. Thanks for sharing your journey and experiences with me and your friends

  2. Kym Smith

    Wow, it’s already over. I’m behind on your blog, but great photos a always. Hope to see you in Colombia soon.

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