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After our last bikepacking adventure, Grizz hurt his right paw/angle/leg forcing Eric and I to make the tough decision to cancel our epic long bikepacking adventure. Originally, the plan was to bike continuously from St. George, Utah to Canada via the Western Wildlands Route. Then, we would head back to St. George via the Great Divide MTB Route. Unfortunately, that is no longer happening.

We are of course highly disappointed. However, this is the 3rd (and worst) injury that Grizz has has sustained to that paw in each long bike trip attempt. With desert heat and lack of water resupply a concern, there is no way that we could safely travel with him under the circumstances. So, yes, the trip is officially cancelled.

Animal Hospital

After 3 days of rest, Grizz was limping significantly and licking at his front right paw. Eric was all packed up for his solo bike ride and had to cancel that too! I felt so bad. But, we did the adult thing and chose to leave the Kaibab NF. We headed to St. George, took Grizz to the Emergency Animal Hospital, and said our goodbyes to my mom.

Unfortunately, the hospital was a bit of a bust. After a 2+ hr wait (the vet didn’t show up to work!) and a 90 second exam by a seemingly inexperienced vet, Grizz was sent home with a doggie version of Tylenol (5 pills) for the high price of $106 bucks. Needless to say, we were not impressed. Now, almost 1.5 weeks post injury, Grizz still has a bit of a limp but thankfully does appear to be healing.

The Plan

Currently, we do not have a plan, but do not fret (haha), I’m confident that the adventures will continue. It may look differently, but will be amazing nonetheless. We just need to do what we need to do to meet our little Grizz’s needs. He is the top priority and trust me—he mentally is ready to get back to adventuring, like, 9 yesterdays ago! Border Collies aren’t cut out for taking a “time out” if you know what I mean.

Thanks for reading and send lots of positive thoughts and love vibes to Grizz for a speedy recovery!

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  1. Gaby Taylor

    Oh I am sorry to read about the canceling. That i am sure is hard but glad you take his well being into consideration of course. Keep us posted.

    • Jenni

      Thanks Gaby. I’m somewhat of a selfish person (yes, I can admit this), but Grizz totally comes first. Plus, a trip like that wouldn’t be all that fun if we had to take turns hauling all of our stuff and our bikes PLUS his 45lbs up mountains. He’s gotta be able to somewhat pull his own weight to be part of our pack and our adventures. So, if Grizz doesn’t go, we all don’t go. 🙂

  2. Barbara McNeil

    Bummers about canceling, but welcome to the world of “parenthood” 😃 It has its own joys, often so unexpected.
    You will continue to have wonderful adventures to share with us! Please give Grizz a hug for me!!

    • Jenni

      Ha….yes! Parenthood. Now I remember why I never had kids! Well, Grizz is worth it. We love him dearly. Grizz says thanks for the hug! <3

  3. Heather

    Poor guy I wish I could watch him for you guys to be able to still go!
    I always think things happen for a reason though so I’m sure it will all work out!

    • Jenni

      That’s too kind! Yeah, I think it worked out. A few YouTubers we watch actually attempted some sections through Utah this year and had to quit due to lack of water and they were super lightweight with no dog in tow. There was just no way it could happen. Maybe Idaho and Montana someday, LOTS of water. We just need to get Grizz back on all 4 paws!

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