Road Trip: Boise, Idaho

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Boise Boise has turned out to be fantastic choice as a stopping point on our way back to Columbia. It’s a shockingly clean, bike friendly city with a friendly vibe. We all (even Gabe) like it so much, we’re already … Continued

Oregon: Week 13 Reflections

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The nightmare has finally ended and I feel awakened. Eugene, we will, without a doubt, miss you NOT. I think the feelings were mutual considering that Oregon has been gnawing away at us for the last 3 months. Late Sunday … Continued

Oregon: Week 12 Reflections

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Saturday I was happy to get an early start to the weekend after working a short, 5 hour day on Saturday. It worked out perfectly too because I didn’t have to miss Eric’s Birthday Bike Ride. Score! Plus, it was … Continued

Oregon: Week 11 Reflections

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Sunday Cottage Grove, OR We started the weekend off right with a 20 mile ride through the lovely nearby town of Cottage Grove. The Row (sounds like cow) River Trail is a hidden gem. This roughly 16 mile, paved cycle … Continued

Oregon: Week 10 Reflections

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Unless you find laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping riveting blog material, you more than likely don’t want to hear about my overly exciting weekend. I do however have a funny story to share. As I’ve annoyingly mentioned on several occasions … Continued