February ’19: Cooped Up & Cranky

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I think I jinxed it when I mentioned in January’s blog that the winter weather had been mild because February has been the worst! I shouldn’t complain, we haven’t really had it THAT bad. It’s just been dreary, rainy, snowy, and muddy and that just makes me feel kind of blah. I need to be outside, and most weeks, I feel like it’s been straight to work and back on the bike, nothing more. I am grateful that I have been able to ride to work all winter without any trouble though!

I’m also happy that these two amazing women were free to do a hike on the 1st because with all the mud, I haven’t been able to go out since! I have to brag about these two! They are always out on the trails and man can they hike! I think they may have been mountain goats in their previous life. Thanks for showing me around the foothills Debbie and Jacquie!


And what a wonderful hike it was! The foothills are amazing and so diverse. I never get tired of spending time out there! Here are a few photos from the day. We hiked about 6 miles with a little over 1,000 ft of elevation gain covering part of Hard Guy and The Corrals (if I’m not mistaken).

What else do you do when you’re cooped up, you ask? You knew I’d share. Eric and I always have some kind of crazy going on at our house–whether it’s an idea or just some silly shenanigans, you can count on us to entertain. More on that later!


First, lets chat about Keto! I’m excited to share that my first month went amazingly well but I did have one breakdown! Not a cheat—A mental breakdown. I blame Eri….I mean….Costco. Yes, I blame Costco 😉

This muffin is what sent me over the edge, which looking back, seems so silly now. At the time, my brain went crazy dreaming about putting this sugar loaded muffin (sitting there looking all cute with it’s brown sugar topping laced in a cream cheese drizzle of taste bud heaven) into my drooling, carb deficient mouth! But, I didn’t. I watched them day by day disappear as Eric ate them One. Single. Muffin. At. A. Time. You’ve got to love Costco and their -feed a large starving crowd- quantities! Luckily, I only felt this way for about 3 of the 12 days it took him to eat those damn things. Haha. I’m proud of myself for not giving in because I truly felt GREAT and the long term cost didn’t outweigh the short term satisfaction. Obviously, I have a carb addiction!


If I’m not eating muffins, bread, noodles, and all that other GREAT stuff anymore, you’re probably wondering “WHAT are you EATING?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Look at all this bright, nutrient rich, fantastic food I’ve been eating. Changing habits one day at a time has never tasted so good or felt this satisfying. Seriously, the keto lifestyle has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me! All I have to do is stick with it!

From left to right we have: 1. Spinach loaded cauliflower pizza topped with onions. 2. Keto friendly Zuppa Toscana made with cauliflower instead of potatoes (I make mine spicy..yum!). 3. Animal shaped breakfast which consisted of eggs floating atop some spicy breakfast sausage and topped with avocado halves. 4. Turkey and white cheddar in a large lettuce wrap. 4. Loads of spinach salads with homemade olive oil dressing and dressed with a ring-o-maters.

A New Find

I must share my new find of the month! 2 words. Shiritaki Noodles. Now, I must admit, my first impression was “I’m not sure about this”. It didn’t taste bad, it was the texture that I had to get used to. For me, it was like biting into a mouthful of thin worms. If they would have twitched, I may have vomited. Yeah, gross. But after chanting “It’s just like Spaghetti” about 3,297 times while munching these grubby little noodles, I thought, “Well, it’s not too bad!”. It must have been tolerable, because I bought more! With only 2-3 net carbs, I thought it was doable.

The Enemy

Yeah, that cute, bearded man over there—He is the enemy. Well, in all fairness, I should say WAS the enemy. This is him making something that I couldn’t eat that looked so AMAZING.

Looking, smelling, and longing for food you can’t have is a reality when you are trying to change your eating habits. It’s agonizing for the dieter, but, let’s be real, for everyone else in the world, life remains the same. It’s only fair of course. I mean, the man’s gotta eat!

So, yes, Eric is no longer the enemy and we are co-existing just fine. But, it was so hard at first, watching him eat all of my favorite dishes that we used to share. Why is food such a big deal!?! I know I’m not alone in this!


One thing that helped keep the peace between Eric and I (besides our undying love for one another of course) was meditation. Focusing and thinking about where my thoughts and feelings were coming from helped me realize, I have choices and my success is going to rely solely on MINDSET. While my brain was in attack mode, grumpy mode, and life-is-not-fair-poor-me mode all at the same time, I realized that I can DO whatever I CHOOSE to do. So, that night Eric cheffed up some amazing looking Calzones, I made my own pizza concoction. Side note, I think that it had so many calories, after eating it I went on a 2 day fast because I just wasn’t hungry!

His & Hers

Ok, on to something besides food! Let’s talk about the numbers!

The Numbers

So, I’m sure you’re probably wondering how much weight I’ve lost this first month! I mean, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. From my start date of January 21-February 21, I’ve officially lost 14.17 pounds. I have a good feeling about successfully reaching my goal this year of losing 50 lbs. Thanks to all of you for cheering me on along the way!

I Spy

Remember that game? Let’s play. I spy, with my little eye, something you can’t see. It used to sit in that empty space, but now it’s miss-I-N-G. Have you guessed it yet?

It is the key to our travel plans!

Moving on

You didn’t think I was going to blurt it all out without some mystery did you? If you did, you underestimated my mischievous nature. Have I ever struck you as subtle? There has to be SOME suspense—A reason to keep reading!

Ok, you win. We sold the truck and bought a van! A van? Yes, a VAN. A Dodge Promaster 2500 to be exact. We’ve got big plans for this beast! I guess you could say that we’re going on an ADVANTURE. I am so dorky I know, but that’s why you all love me!

Here are a few pics of our new ride!

It’s a blank slate and we’ve got a million ideas! This is going to be our getaway vehicle as the Cycling Sloths hit the road on one MEGA ADVENTURE! Europe is still in the mix, but due to a few hiccups, we needed to wait a bit longer before heading out for a year-long trip. This will hopefully curb our appetite for traveling, adventuring, and exploring until we can make an epic bike tour a reality! I’m getting SO excited.

We’ve already started drawing out some plans, and the house is FULL of everything from a new bed to a toilet! This van is going to have everything we need to live and explore off-grid until our little hearts are content!

So stay tuned for more exciting blogs about our van build and what it took for us to make it all happen!

Thanks for reading!

With love from our silly selves….

Until next time….

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  1. GabyTaylor

    o wow… the adVANture was really a surprise for me. So happy for your Keto Success friend! And lets keep moving on. Im also happy with the new way of eating. but looking for new recipes cuz I dont like veggies nor fish.

    • admin

      Hey girl! You and Eric would get along beautifully because he doesn’t (well didn’t) like veggies either until he met me! haha Next time we get together, I’ll share some ideas with you that may help (if you’re interested!)

  2. Marie Schlake

    Congrats on persevering and conquering food temptations, lost weight and the van!

  3. Heather

    Ha I love the adVANture! Wow that is exciting! You guys are gonna have some neat stories to share

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