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And so the adventure begins!

I was feeling a whirlwind of emotions this afternoon as I slowly crept out of the driveway. I had been waiting for this moment for a while now. Travel therapy had been something I had been pondering ever since graduating in 2014. It just never seemed like it could be a reality. Ha! Reality is what we make it after all. A few major decisions later and the support from my most amazing confidant, there I was, bags packed, bike loaded, and the open road ahead. All planned out. Except not really. I didn’t account for how hard it would be to leave Eric. As I looked back into that 2×4 inch mirror, I saw my whole life staring back. At that point, it would have taken an act of the universe to keep those tears from flowing. What ever made me think that leaving my best friend for 3 months was a good idea? I took a deep breath, then I reminded myself this was my bright idea. After all, travel therapy is a fantastic way to save some money for all of those travels we plan to do TOGETHER!

Once I convinced myself that Eric would be teasing me for being such a “girl” and dried my watery eyes, I was about 30 miles outside of Columbia, Missouri. No turning back now.  The first few hours were extremely familiar as this is kayak country for Eric and I. Who knew, once I crossed over into Iowa it would be….EXACTLY the same as Missouri. Ok, I knew that. It was beautiful nonetheless with several rolling hills and intermittent rainfall along the way.  I went the scenic route, which happened to also be the shortest distance. Score! A total of 5 short hours and 1 pit stop later, I was sitting in front of a house I would call home for the next 13 weeks.  I was greeted by a very talkative 6 year old, a smiley 2 year old with a healthy pair of lungs, and a big fluffy blond pooch named “Four”. It was love at first sight and I found myself standing there, bags in hand, thinking, “Wow, this whole adventure thing is a piece of cake.”  Turns out, my new Iowa family is quite nice and they accepted me right from the start.

Unpacking was a piece of cake. Let me tell you, traveling light is the way to go. Three trips to the Xterra and an hour and a half later I was unloaded, unpacked, and connected to the internet. Quite impressive I thought considering I was being entertained by two kiddos the entire time. My room is perfect and I would describe it as minimalistic with a touch of zen. All I need is one of those meditative sandboxes for the corner of the room but I’m too cheap to buy one!

Bed and amazing camp chair

Tomorrow my adventure shall be exploring the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area!

Thank you again for all of your encouraging texts, facebook love, and phone calls. It always lifts my spirits knowing I have such an amazing family all over the world!

Until next time.


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    • admin

      Thanks Michelle! This has been a great start to a completely new lifestyle! I miss everyone at the VA but I have a feeling the veterans are in GREAT hands!

  1. Marsha Kyle

    Well look at you girl….big girl panties on and I can not wait to read your daily adventures. I’m curious thou are you staying with these people for 3 months and how did you arrange that? Who would not take to you ? You are one amazing person!

    • admin

      Thank you Marsha! I did a ton of research and found a family on craigslist that had a room in their basement for rent. On a wing and a prayer I accepted and here I am! The kiddos are sweet and the family seems very nice. I am extremely fortunate this time around. Hope the good fortune continues!

  2. Kym Smith

    Great read! I’m so glad you did this blog. I do look forward to reading it. Miss you girl! Trust me when I say…. that 13 weeks seem to fly, especially when you plan your weekends for those adventures. Lol
    Have a blast!!!

    • admin

      You are so right Kym! I think traveling was the best decision I ever made! Thanks for your support.

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