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I’m going to tell you right now that Idaho just keeps getting better and better! February has probably been our best month yet! I feel like we’ve got life down pat (momentarily anyways) and things are running like a well oiled machine. When that happens what else is there to do? You got it! Explore. In the spirit of exploration, I have finally discovered hot springs in all of their glory. I’ve had three amazing experiences and lets just say, I think I’m addicted. It got so bad that I’ve coined the term, “Hot Thursday” since that seemed to be my day off from work for 2 weeks in a row. Sometimes working weekends isn’t so bad because it buys me 2 weekdays off! Bonus, I have friends that can come too! Yay.

I know several of you have asked me where all these amazing places are. Idahoans tell me that some things are best kept a secret, so I don’t want to get into too much trouble. I will however tease you with lots of photos that will have you out wanting to do some venturing out on your own!


Hot Springs #1: Trail Creek

The addiction began about 2 weeks ago when a few of the OTs from work and I agreed that going to some hot springs would be a GREAT idea.

So, we spontaneously drove about an hour and a half north and made our dreams a reality one early Saturday morning.  After a slippery slope with a skimpy rope, we butt glided down the mountainside and were greeted by a vapor haze and sounds of laughter. One group must have gotten an early start because they were already nestled in, a huge cooler full of booze and all!  Thankfully, we were able to score a  large pool almost entirely to ourselves the majority of our stay and it was absolutely amazing. Luckily for us, the hike up wasn’t nearly as challenging! Thanks Mallory for sharing this awesome spot!


Danika, Me, and Mallory


Hot Springs #2: Kirkham

It just kept getting better and better. This time some friends and I got up at the crack of dawn and high tailed it out of the city in hopes of beautiful views and vacant pools. Boy were we in for a surprise! We were granted all that and more from this fantastic spot. It’s a popular place, so you just never know. But my advice is to get there early…except for the days that I’m there 😉 haha. Heather and Holly were so much fun to hang with and we had a great time exploring the area, soaking, and having lunch on the rocks! It’s so easy to loose track of time when you submerge yourself in nature. About the time we were leaving, the place started to pile up so we timed it perfectly!  Honestly, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I have no words to describe the beauty and calmness of this place. So glad we caught it empty because apparently this is the “party” spot.







White legs are cool in Idaho!


Awesome day with awesome people! Thanks Holly and Heather!!!


Hot Springs #3: My lips are zipped.

Ok, I know, not fair! But hey, some things you just have to discover for yourselves. Kirkham was special, but this spring was like my own secret haven. The mile hike in, the soaking shed with the classic old time tub, the natural springs below, millions of photos ops; pure bliss. I can’t wait to go back! Thank you Heather for sharing this wonderful spot with all of us!  Again, I will let the photos speak for themselves!

A beautiful hike in. Snow covered hills with a sheet of ice below made for an interesting walk!


Steam and melting snow. We must be close!


Brightly colored moss…we are DEFINITELY close!


The Mountains are Calling! Always.


Beautiful skies, clear waters, striking greens, and a dusting of snow…it doesn’t get any better than this! I was in visual overdrive! Such a perfect day!


The Bath House


Loving the contrasts.


Jackie enjoys the views.


Slowly making my way to the pools…


I sort of got bossy and asked everyone to walk down the path just to capture this shot. Thank you all for indulging me…love this shot!!! 🙂


Really. This landscape is unbelievable. I’m so happy places like this still exist.


Finally made it to the pools! Such a beautiful area!


Possibly my favorite shot of the day <3


After a nice long soak and some great conversation, Heather and I headed back up to the top. I mean, we had to try out the soaking tub! Fun times!!!

Peace, Love, and Soaking.


The crew catches up! What an amazing day, sad it had to end. Thanks Debbie, Amber, Jackie, and Heather for a great day out and making Hot Thursday a thing!  **Photo credit: Heather F. I love your selfie stick setup….it is perfect for adventures with friends!


Looking forward to working my March weekend so I will have more weekday adventures to share!!!

Thanks for reading friends. Until next time…..

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  1. Marie

    Your ability to take photos & capture the emotion, excitement, serenity beauty, contrasts is so fun to look at!!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!
    Love you girl!

    • admin

      Thank you Marie! It is probably my favorite thing to do, so I am more than excited that you are really enjoying it. Keeps me motivated to continue writing!

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