Idaho: New Beginnings

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Lots of sunshine mixed with a few spotted rain showers, some laughter mixed with bouts of song, and a solid one thousand five hundred and fourteen point 7 miles later, we arrived at our new home in Boise!








It’s been a whirlwind of a week! As many of you know, we had pretty much sold everything we owned and were about to embark on an epic life of travel. Our plans came to a screeching halt when a certain teenager was delivered by the stork (AKA: Southwest Airlines). While that may sound like a complaint, it’s actually not, because if Gabe wouldn’t have come back to us, we would have never discovered Boise! Boise was not even on the radar just 5 short months ago, and now, this is were we call home! For how long? That is yet to be determined! We’ll see how my job here goes!!! So far it’s 100% amazing and we’re off to a GREAT start! This place has everything you could ever want, an outdoorsy paradise with just enough city life when you want something else to do.


Part of our eclectic collection. Lol

After sitting on the floor and sleeping on camp mats the first few nights, our #1 priority was furniture shopping! Day 1 and Day 2 was primarily learning our way around town trying to uncover the diamonds in the ruff via craigslist ads. It all worked out so beautifully because in less than 48 hours we found EVERYTHING we needed for less than $700. We were beyond amazed. Clean, nice, odor free, fantastic furniture! <3



In between setting up shop (unpacking and furniture picking) we still made time to enjoy a few bike rides and do some adventuring. It was Labor Day weekend and the park was packed full of kayakers, paddle boarders, surfers; people of all ages, shapes, colors, and sizes! And they say Boise isn’t very diverse. 🙂 Gabe even braved the chilly 50 degree Boise River to try his hand at a little surfing at the whitewater park. Eric and I played it safe and people watched, tasted the best snow cone that ever existed, and rode our bikes out to Garden City stopping periodically to cool off in the river. I know that you all are probably getting really sick and tired of hearing me say this, but we absolutely LOVE Boise. Apparently we aren’t the only ones. In less than a week we have met several transplants from Louisiana, California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, and get this…even Rolla, MO. Apparently the word is out about this gem of a place. Once people come here, they never want to leave. I think I know why. Anyways, I will try to tame my excitement. Thanks for indulging me in my giddiness, I’m sure it will subside over time.


A happy Jenni


If you watch the news or spend a lot of time on social media, you know that Idaho, along with Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, and Wyoming are all having some major fires right now. You should check out some of the satellite images on the net….pretty crazy! Unfortunately, the air quality in Boise has been in the moderate to unhealthy range since our arrival. Monday and Tuesday we barely left the house except for furniture gathering and a few runs to the grocery store! Every time I went outside my eyes would burn, my throat constricted, and I was pretty lethargic. I even took naps! I tried to depict some of the “heavy” looking air in the photo above. Everything has looked foggy/smoggy nearly all week and a fine layer of ash particles have settled on all things stationary. I should have gotten a photo of my bike seat! Hopefully the fires will all come to an end soon and the damage minimal for those directly involved. Until then, unhappy lungs across the west.

After surviving the worst of the bad air days, it didn’t take us long to get back out and start exploring once again. The photo above is from my morning ride along the greenbelt. Our house is just on the other side of the trees. We couldn’t have asked for a better location! Really happy with our close proximity to the trail system and we’re only 2 miles from the State Capital smack dab downtown. How we ended up here is still crazy and awesome and unbelievable all at the same time.


A toast: To new beginnings

Friday evening, I joined a group of folks for my first night paddle out at Robie Creek just outside of Boise. I left early to enjoy the back roads and grab some grub at the highly recommended Hilltop Station (literally at the top of a hill) in what seemed to be the middle of nowhereville. I am so glad I checked this place out. Amazing. Anyone who comes to visit me, I’m taking you here! They serve several local beers on tap and for those with inferior beer taste (cough…Eric) they serve Miller High Life hehe (I love you).

Since I was going to be on the water, I only had one (hey, I was 2 hours early!). The Blood Orange Rustler from Payette Brewing Company was fantastic. I can’t wait to try more.

Oh yes, I almost forgot…the food was excellent as well. Flame broiled, perfectly cooked, tender, juicy burger to go along with my beer. My only complaint….I was really looking forward to some french fries. I’m in Idaho for crying out loud! This wasn’t the kind of potato I was looking for, although the kettle chips were quite good.



So, yes, back to the kayaking. The whole reason I was out in the foothills. Wow. What a beautiful haven, tucked away off of highway 21. I’m so glad I went. Nice people and epic views. Here are some pics from the trip.

View from the top of the boat ramp


I was pretty proud of myself for loading and unloading this beast of a yak 4 times all by myself! This was my 1st attempt without Eric or a friend!





Beautiful. I can’t wait to share this spot with Eric. Believe it or not, this kayaking event marked our official first week in Boise. Can you believe ALL of this in ONE week? Maybe that’s why I needed those mid week naps! We’ve been busy!


No slowing down in sight! I mean, I have to get as much in as I can before I officially start working! With that in mind, Saturday we rode our bikes out to the Julia Davis park off the greenbelt and joined in the festivities at the Art in the Park event. It was HUGE! Nearly 7,000 steps in 2 hours HUGE. The music was fantastic, the BBQ (had to try the pulled pork) was delicious, and the artists were incredible. I would have taken photos, but I was too busy having a great time. Plus, out of respect for the hard working, talented artists, it’s just rude to take pics by their booths (in my opinion) and who wants to look at pictures of white tents? 🙂 That evening the weather was too nice to sit inside and rot our brains in front of the television so we went out for another ride, this time venturing out for a most awesome shake at Fancy Freeze then to the capital building and downtown area. It’s amazing how many people we saw out on their bikes this evening. It’s great! Such a bike friendly city with bike minded folks both young and old. Another pleasant surprise were the 2 community block parties we saw in various neighborhoods along our trek. It’s really nice to see that things like that really do still exist!  Maybe I’m just more in tune with it because the area is so inviting and we are out and about more than usual!?!

All-in-all, I can’t say this enough…we are very happy about our decision to move to Boise and we’re looking forward to the endless number of adventures that we will have while we are here.

Thank you all for your continued support, positive vibes, and for reading my blog!

Until next time…


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  1. Momma

    Beautiful pictures as always. Thanks for taking us all on your ride in Boise. Looks like a perfect place for you. Looking forward to more of your adventures.

  2. Becca Seargeant

    So happy for you guys Jenni. I love to see your posts, pics and amazing stories! Keep living life ! I love your positive vibes !

  3. Shirley Clarke

    Jenni, your blog is so entertaining and your pictures wonderful. Keep sharing please.

    • admin

      Thanks Shirley! I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog 🙂 I enjoy writing it and it keeps me motivated to find fun, entertaining things to keep sharing!
      Hope you are well!!!!

  4. Myrna

    So very glad you moved to Boise. You are a joy in the lives of your fellow Betties 🦊, an amazing photographer, and now I see, an excellent writer. Looking forward to many more adventures with you.

    • admin

      Thank you Myrna! Very kind words 🙂 I’m so glad we moved here as well and I look forward to many adventures with you too!!! See you at Curling tomorrow!!!

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