January ’18: Changes on the Horizon

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“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” -Alexander Graham Bell


While I try not to live life full of regrets, there seemed to be several doors closing on us over the past 3-4 years, some gently, some smack right dab in the face, inches from our nose. Nothing major, nothing we couldn’t handle; door closed, locked, sealed, and key swallowed. There was no way some of those doors were opening no matter how much we pried. All I can say to that is thank you to the powers that be for leading us to THE DOOR. The door that would change our lives and create endless opportunities for contentment in life, work, and one another. Pre-Boise, we had been searching so intently and once we stumbled across it on that two (turned into four) day vacation stop on the way back from Oregon to Missouri–We knew. Immediately. This is where we wanted to be. THE DOOR appeared and lets just say it wasn’t subtle. It was gleaming and bright and painfully obvious.


Now, after 4 months of bliss, we have settled in and enjoying this perfect pairing. And so we come to our first Changes on the Horizon: Boise is now permanently home. I resigned my PRN position at Rusk and we have no plans on moving back to Missouri. So friends , pack a bag, you now have one amazing place to come visit now! You’re welcome!  🙂


Changes, changes, changes. Some people hate them, but we rather enjoy them. Then again, we’ve always been a little on the weird side. I’ve been working on the next big change for what seems like my entire life. Having said that, we come to Changes on the Horizon numero dos: My diet. Those of you who have known me a long time will know that I have almost ALWAYS been on the hefty side despite eating relatively healthy and being highly active! Heck, I even played sports all through college but was technically overweight. Now only 10 lbs shy of my highest recorded weight, I planned to embark on a lifestyle change that can be implemented for the remainder of my life. I spent hours concocting motivating signs and a vision board, but what it actually took was discovering the right research not backed by high dollar corporations, implementing my plan, and seeing the results. By the end of the month, I found a system that works for me and I dropped 8 pounds in the process! What am I doing you ask?

I call it a modified version of the Keto Diet in combination with IF (intermittent fasting). Basically I eat healthy fats and loads of delicious, fresh, organic vegetables. I’ve ditched bread, pasta, and pretty much all highly refined processed carbs (basically all the stuff that always made me feel like crap). And with the IF, I only eat during certain windows of time to reduce insulin spikes which also improves weight loss. The fantastic part is, it’s super easy and I feel better than I did when I was 20. No more mid-day slumps or emotional highs and lows, I’m pretty much on it all day, every day. I have boundless energy, the swelling in my legs is almost completely gone and I’m shredding the weight easily for the first time in my life. Interested in some of the research? There is a few guys on YouTube that have put out some quality information: Dr. Eric Berg (who is actually a chiropractor) and Thomas DeLauer (a fitness pro). Also, I highly recommend reading, The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by Jason Fung, MD. It will open your eyes to EVERYTHING. Not kidding.

This is my chart for the year. I hope to have if completely filled out to track my results and share it with you all in December to see how far I’ve come! Thanks in advance for all of your support, it’s been AMAZING.


In our last Changes on the Horizon segment, I bring you to the third and final major change this month:  accepting an official, full-time position with St. Luke’s as one of their inpatient rehab therapists. Semi-retirement gone in a blink of an eye. However, I’m completely ok with it because I finally, after 4+ years as an Occupational Therapist, found the perfect home (for me). I absolutely LOVE St. Luke’s. The team of therapists are amazing, the nursing care is spectacular, and I feel fully supported in my quest for a good work/life balance. St. Luke’s nailed it. My boss is chill. My co-workers are friends. I just can’t put into words how happy I am there. <3




Now on to some “moe funner” things. Adventures!  My big trip in January was to the McCall Winter Festival with 25+ incredibly fun women who belong to the Bold Betties. We rented 2 cabins, crammed in and had a blast! It snowed so much, it was so beautiful, and I finally got to try out snow shoeing!!! Yay.

The photos will hopefully speak for themselves. So, I’m going to zip it. Enjoy!

Quick shot of the river from the car…it was a beautiful drive to McCall.


The temperatures were rising after lots of snowfall, the result? Falling snow from the trees. Beautiful.


Views from my sleeping loft. Score! I was so happy no one else wanted this spot. It was just big enough for me and my sleeping pad! <3


View of the neighboring cabin. I couldn’t resist. The snow and the warm glow of the lights were just too inviting. McCall truly is a winter wonderland.


The day I had been waiting for! A few of us decided not to brave the crowd at the winter carnival downtown and head a few miles out to the peaceful Ponderosa Pines. I’m SO glad we did. Not only was snowshoeing fun, but we practically had the entire place all to ourselves. Priceless. Thank you Marie and Trinity for sharing this amazing day out reconnecting with nature. <3




And then it was time to go. Marie was kind enough to pull over for me to get this shot while driving home! Thank you Marie!!!


Pit stop at Gold Fork. While I really wanted to try my first hot spring, it was more commercialized and PACKED to the brim. No thanks. So went on a solo expedition with the snowshoes. Yay!


Another shot from the drive home.


What an amazing, relaxing, fun weekend.


Sad news though…Frank melted. RIP my friend.


I hope you are enjoying the blog! I love sharing my memories and photos with you all. I hope 2018 brings you all wonderful things.

Until next time….

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  1. Momma H

    You are not only a fantastic photographer but an awesome writer. You might think of writing a book one day. You’re creative and a beautiful person inside and out.
    So happy for you and Eric settling down in Boise where you are enjoying life.

    • admin

      Thank you. You never know, maybe one day I will have an idea for a book and the time to write it. For now, blogging is a great outlet and may serve me well as an outline and memory tool for that future book. 😉

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