July ’18: Where Ideas are Born

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As I’m sitting here re-living the memories we’ve collected over the course of this last month, I find myself wiggling my hips to the song “Hot, Hot, Hot” by Arrow, of course to my own lyrics, “I-da-ho is hot, hot, hot”. While it has been a scorching 95-100+ degrees for most of the month, Eric and I have found that it’s really not that bad. Especially after coming from the land of humidity where you drink the air it’s so thick! Anyone who knows a Midwest summer knows exactly what I’m talking about. Here in Idaho, the sun is hot, but if you can find some shade or linger near the river, the temps drop a good 10 or more degrees and it’s pure bliss.  Just ask the man who only smiles on the inside when the camera points his way!


Of course, it took us about a week to figure all of this out! Inspired by a 10 mile one way excursion to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival’s production of “Misery” on the hottest day of the year. Worth it? TOTALLY! The cozy, beautifully designed open theater is situated alongside the Boise River offering spectacular views and an outdoor soundtrack that will lull you to sleep during intermission. You can bring your own drinks (yeah, even alcohol!) plus a picnic and enjoy the show without ever setting foot in a vehicle. Have I mentioned how amazing Boise is lately? Yeah, it is.

I have to admit, we were a little skeptical that a venue like this could pull of a showing of Steven King’s Misery, but we were beyond pleased. The show, carried almost in its entirety by 2 characters, danced delicately around both horror and humor–we laughed, jumped in terror, winced in pain, and I got goosebumps at least twice. It was extremely good and eerily plausible. Bravo for Andrew May and Kathleen Pirkl Tague. If you have the chance to go, too bad. They have sold out for the summer! My advice: get tickets early!!!

The 10 mile trip back home was much more enjoyable. The other nice thing about Idaho is that despite hot days, the nights cool off drastically (60s-70s). We clicked the headlights on, hopped back onto the Greenbelt, and off we went-homeward bound. Our first night ride on the Greenbelt. Exhilarating and a wee bit scary! Imagine a weak beam of white light offering a minimalist view of the surrounding night. All is good until you hear things lurking in the shadows. Branches cracking, rocks falling from the bluffs high above, and the worst–those incognito, high-powered sprinkler systems starting up! As I was riding along, my senses on high alert, all I could imagine was getting tackled from behind by a ravenous mountain lion. Occasionally, I would peer over my shoulder only to be met by a sea of endless darkness. My hair on my neck stands up just thinking about it! Ahhhhh! It was an adrenaline rush for sure! I think we made that 10 mile trek back home in record time–we were flying.


Enjoying the experience of the night riding, we decided to start doing it more often to beat the heat. It seems that the hottest part of the day is typically between 3pm-7pm and it doesn’t really get dark until well after 10pm. So, after dinner, we load up and hit the town. Here are some photos from our excursions.  






A cold beer after a 40+ mile ride with fully loaded bikes! Well deserved!


It’s always good to pause and reflect.


The State Capital


Groove Plaza. A great place to cool off!



Of course, we don’t let the heat really stop us from riding during the day either.


Sometimes we get lucky with a rare and oh-so-brief summer rain shower.



Our favorite spot: The Handlebar!



We dream of surviving the apocalypse hand and hand like these two. The twinkie and the cockroach, a match made in heaven just like Eric and I. haha



One of my personal favorites in Freak Alley. People got talent!


The downside about Boise in the summer–the crowds. The roads, parks, any free water source, downtown, or the Greenbelt trail…everything, everywhere…it’s PACKED no matter which way you turn! Apparently with all the wide spread media coverage, Boise is the latest and greatest vacation destination. If you’re not one of the 10 million who’ve decided to move here in the last decade, you may be at least planning to visit! If you’re not, thank you! haha. I’ve discovered that Eric and I are greedy when it comes to nature, and to put it simply, we really just don’t like sharing it with millions of other people. Selfish, I know. Instead of giving up, we just started making an adventure out of finding some secret spots. Now, of course, I’m not just going to give away the answers to all of our hard work, but I will share some photos of some of our favorite discoveries–after all it was here, among the flowing river, tangled trees, and bustling wildlife where our most grand idea for adventure was born! I’ll get back to that later though! For now, more photos!!!














I love this guy!


These photos stem from 2 entire weekends in hidden locations throughout Boise with hours and hours of people free spaces! It was PURE BLISS. I better stop bragging so that I don’t jinx it. All I can say is that the bike is the greatest invention of all time!


What do we do when we’re not out riding? Well….*chirp, chirp, chirp* sing the crickets. Ha! It’s not that bad! We have plenty to keep us busy…planning bike adventures, bike maintenance, bike races, researching bike equipment, and practicing packing/unpacking bike bags. Ok, maybe we are on a mega bike kick right now, but there is always time for allowing our creative juices to flow. After all, we did create the greatest game ever this month–Chocolate Wars: The Battle of Who Does Dishes (yes, that’s it’s official name). Here’s how it works. You reach into the M&M bucket, eyes closed, and pull out 5 chocolaty morsels. Much like the game of poker, the colors represent either Pairs, 3 of-a-Kind, Flush, or a Full House. Best out of 5–loser does dishes. Yay! This information is highly confidential, I’m sure the game would go viral if discovered! lol


Speaking of bike races, Boise hosted its 32nd annual Twilight Criterium, a bike race that attracts thousands of racers from across the world. Downtown came to a halt as three major city blocks were barricaded for the big race. All day long racers speed by in a colorful blur as spectators cheered on! It wasn’t easy to get a good photo, but here are a few from that evening.


They were so fast, you didn’t have to wait long….


Here they come…zoooooo-ooooommmm!!!!


And the crowd cheers on!



The Big News

No. I’m not pregnant.


WAY better.


As I mentioned earlier…”it was here, among the flowing river, tangled trees, and bustling wildlife where our most grand idea for adventure was born!”

We’ve completely changed our vacation plans and will no longer be going to the San Juan Islands! A tiny part of me is a little bummed, I mean it would have been a beautiful place to explore, but I know we’ll get there some day.

What’s next you ask?


We have set our sights on something much more challenging, exciting and flat out adventurous–a fully self-supported 500+ mile bikepacking tour around Idaho!  Yeah. I’m scared, excited, nervous, eager…did I mention scared? It’s going to be SO much fun. Well, as long as we don’t get eaten by bears! The next several weeks we will be training for the several thousand feet elevation gains, fine tuning our gear setup, and practicing our ninja skills which consist of simultaneously pulling out the bear spray and fog horn to ward away unwanted beasts. A sad defense, I know, but it’s that or becoming bear poo….I’ll take my chances!


Stay tuned! August will be a busy month preparing for our trip. September is right around the corner!

Until next time!!!


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  1. Marie Schlake

    Good luck on your 500+ mile biking adventure through Idaho with your husband! I’m so proud of you! Can’t wait to see your pictures and read your blog.

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