June ’18: Perfection Exists

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Perfection Exists. The proof is in this month’s blog post. I always thought Oregon was my spirit state–Lush land full of magnificent trees, jaw dropping water falls, and crisp fresh air. After spending 3 months there on an assignment, I quickly realized that Oregon, while it is a beautiful state, would never be our final stop. On the contrary, Idaho has stolen our hearts and has officially made the list of places we could see ourselves permanently settling down. My only complaint, one that I absolutely no right to have, is that Idaho has quickly become the fastest growing state in the nation. Boise in general has become so over crowded, there are hordes of people everywhere, and the growing pains are getting stronger day-by-day.  Growth can be good, but there is a limit. A year ago, we had to dig for crime reports and negative press. Things are changing, and our only hope is that Boise is able to hold on to what made it the greatest place on earth to begin with. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that is realistic with so many new people moving in, but I’ll stay positive and hope that humanity will surprise me for the good. That would be a change!

May was just a warm-up to what June had to offer. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! I found it to be a special treat to have a solid 2 months of spring-like weather. This is unheard of in Missouri as the temperatures, and my old friend humidity, quickly seem to rise between winter and summer. In fact, if you blink one too many times, you are likely to miss spring in that part of the country. I felt spoiled and appreciative for multiple weeks of fantastic weather. My mom was still visiting and we had a multitude of perfect days for biking and exploring. We hit the greenbelt several times thanks to Cathi! Thank you SO much for loaning my mom your spare bike. It was a PERFECT fit!

My mom and I always have such a great time when we get together. She’s an adventurous Momma; maybe that’s where I get it from. While our hot air balloon ride and tandem bike ride through Napa Valley, CA was one of our more exciting trips together, I think this most recent trip was the best! Since we had 3 weeks, we didn’t have that rush-rush mentality. We were able to adventure, explore, relax, and adventure some more. We didn’t set foot in a vehicle for almost the entire time! We did some of the norms–biking, kayaking, and hiking/walking of course. We also had some firsts like jewelry making, stand up paddle boarding and maybe our favorite, zip-lining!


FireFusion Studio

The first Thursday of each month, downtown businesses offer unique experiences and events, often at discounted prices. We decided to capitalize on the special jewelry making class being offered at FireFusion. Well, special to us, I do believe they offer different classes each month at this price. It was definitely an interesting outing. I’ll spare you the negative review, because we can take something positive from everything! It was all-in-all fun to try and we each made two pieces of jewelry to remember the experience by. Plus, I learned my mom is a beast with a blow torch. Below is a photo of some of the pieces I made. I should of got a pic of yours too Momma!






Kathryn Albertson Park

Did you know that Boise has 120+ parks! For a city that is all of 82.8 square miles, that is approximately 1.57 parks per square mile. Uh, that’s freaking awesome. In a state filled with its fair share of sage brush and brown hills, Boise does an amazing job at keeping this city green. I guess they don’t call it the City of Trees for nothing. Another fun fact about Boise: those beautiful, healthy trees helped this city claim the #2 spot for worst places to live for people who have allergies. #1-Eugene, Oregon. One could say we are gluttons for punishment–Boise is totally worth it though!

Ah, yes, I got side tracked with statistics and interesting facts. One of my favorite spots is this secret gem in downtown Boise, Kathryn Albertson Park. It’s amazing to me that there are little secret gardens just tucked away between towering buildings and the hustle and bustle of city life. Some other favorites include Ester Simplot Park, Ann Morison, and a few secret ones that I’m not going to tell you about because they are NOT crowded and I don’t want to share them with anyone. You do remember me telling you about this booming metropolis, right? Yeah, those hidden gems have become sacred! My lips are zipped! On our nature walk, we saw a variety of birds and some deer, however, they were too far away to get any good photos. Luckily, Momma and the wild flowers were feeling photogenic that day.






And one quick shot of Ann Morrison Memorial Park across the street. Another must see!


Zip Lining

I have to admit, this was all my mom’s idea. Zip Lining was on her bucket list, my job was to help her check it off. Deep down, while super excited, there was a part of me that was scared to death. I mean, what if I’m too heavy? What if the lines break? What if I come in too hot and break something and I’m out of work for a few months (oh wait, no work for a few months? I suppose I could be OK with that). My mind was racing, what if…what if…what if. Thankfully I do not live my life by the fears of the what if game. If I did, I would never have any adventures.

The funny thing is, out of a group of 9, I ended up going first and the Momma went second. We rock! Let me tell you, it was one of the MOST fun things we’ve ever done. I highly recommend Zip Idaho. I felt safe, the guides were knowledgeable, and the scenery was beyond magnificent!  The guides were also funny. So funny that I even had some jokes to take back to Eric for his “DAD-A-BASE”. Well, what I could remember of them anyways. If you know me at all, one thing is for certain, I’m the worlds worst joke teller! As someone long ago once told me, I’m only funny when I’m NOT trying to be. Truth.

So let me stop talking about it and SHOW you how amazing it was! The pictures really don’t do the experience justice, you MUST try it for yourself. It was worth every single penny!




First ones across. Bad@$$. 🙂



The journey had just begun, and we were already HOOKED!



Our first obstacle, the hanging bridge!



<3 So excited! <3



Momma is ready!



It couldn’t have been a more perfect day!!!



I’m not sure, but I think Momma is having fun. What do you think??



Ok, ok. Maybe we were both having a BLAST!



Just so I understand, you want me to just jump right on off that perfectly good ledge, right?



And, his reply is “yes”.


Ok, you got it! Wooooo-Hooooooo!!!!




The after glow…..


Momma’s response to the BIG drop!



OK…..MY TURN!!!!


No photos, but you get the idea. It was the most awesome minute and a half of my life. Sorry Eric! Hahahahaha. Ok, that was a bad joke. 🙂

Seriously though, it was SO MUCH FUN! I wanted to go again and again and again.

The after glow…..


Have I mentioned, this was so much fun? Well, it was!!!

When we were waiting, it wasn’t boring at all. The views were stunning and I spent most of the time laughing with my mom, taking photos, and trying to absorb all of the beauty around me. Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in life and forget how good things really are. I try to reel myself in, especially after a LONG week or two at work and appreciate all that I have.


I live here <3



These back roads would make for a spectacular bike packing trip. Hint, hint Eric.


or….Photo Op!
Bucket List Check-Off Pose!













Last ride of the day. I’m crying on the inside!


Crying not because it’s scary, but because it’s over!


So, are you convinced you need to do this? If not, then I failed you. Best trip ever!

Oh, and my favorite shot of the day:

Yeah, Beautiful, right?


After all the fun we had that Sunday afternoon, Momma had to go back home. We had fun, we had laughs, we had adventures. I’m so glad you came to visit and I look forward to the next one!

We are…….
soooooo silly! 🙂













Well, after all of that adventure I have absolutely nothing to top that this month. Unless you are a kickball fanatic!?! Yeah, kickball. A friend put together a team and I couldn’t resist to opportunity to get back onto a softball field and play some first base. All those amazing college days came rushing back to me! Then I realized that I’m kicking a big bouncy red ball while most people are throwing a few cold ones back. Instead of aiming for the fences, I’m just trying not to kick a pop fly for an easy out. It was a short lived moment of my glory days; reality quickly set in as I realized I’m old and easily injured. By game 2, I pulled my groin. Haha. In all fairness, I have been working out 2 hours a day plus all of the heavy work activities. Oh well, it’s all in fun. So far we’re 1-2. Not a good start, but we know how to have a good time. Here’s part of the gang for that one big win!


Until next time…..

Happy Summertime Adventures!



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  1. gaby

    I just love reading your blog. U take amazing pictures. I too share the joy of calling Boise my home… so happy we ended right here, where I had the pleasure to meet you.
    I’m so glad tu pu had such amazing time with mom… I would of love to meet her. she looks fun and full of energy! thanks 4 sharing.

    • admin

      Thanks Gaby! I am glad you enjoy the blog and photos. Boise is amazing, right! My mom was here during a very busy time for everyone, but next time she is in town, I’ll have to try to create another event so you all can meet her!!

  2. Marsha Kyle

    Wow girl love ready about your adventures. Found it so cool that your mom, and you had some exciting time during your visit…. your too cool girl !

    • admin

      My mom and I had a great visit! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! From one adventurer to another…have a wonderful summer!!!

  3. Debbie

    Your mom looks so fun!! What a fabulous experience with her!

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