March “Madness”

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March Madness is RIGHT! I thought it was a basketball reference, but for me it has been a crazy, busy, fun, depressing, and enlightening 31 day roller coaster of sorts. I suppose that is the purpose of life, to keep things interesting and more importantly to move forward and push through the road blocks when necessary–We all have them!

The month started off with a bang of excitement when a group of friends and I flocked like wild moths to the bright, colorful light festival: Illumibrate in downtown Boise. What is Illumibrate you ask?



1.To illuminate and celebrate the human spirit and our connectedness as a community.
2. A combination of the words illuminate & celebrate.


Despite the fact that 1 million other moths were flocking towards communal bliss, I felt like a tamed beast soaking in a tub of happiness as the soft glow calmed my raging mind. It was in that moment, surrounded by chaos, I felt at ease.  Most the night we moseyed around aimlessly, laughing and taking group selfies in the photo booth line. We entertained ourselves so well that we missed most of the events that were being offered like the silent disco (how cool!), the colour forest (yes, I spelled it right), and CHROMA (a live performance). The lines were ridiculously long, worse than the drive through at Starbucks (or in Boise…Dutch Brothers) at 7:30 on a Monday morning. It was however a great experience and next year I will know…get there EARLY!


Prior to the light festival, I was introduced to Double Tap Pub. Five visits later, I suppose you could say this place has become me and Eric’s favorite burger joint in all of Boise! I personally blame this establishment for the sudden decline in our savings account as it has been the culprit in hijacking our self-discipline for the entire month. But look at this burger! Yum. It’s not just the burgers though, the local micro brew selection is so good that even Eric found something he loves! Goodbye Miller High Life and welcome to the world of “real” beer my love. HaHa.  If you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend this place.


March was a great month for bonding with friends and fun times that have left a permanent smile on my face! Besides going to the Illumibrate event as mentioned above, we’ve had a movie night, game night, bike ride + theatre, shooting range, snow shoeing, strengthfort, and MORE! These women are wonderful humans and I feel grateful they have come into my life. Here are some photos from our adventures together!

Group selfies in the photo booth line!


Word of the year: SMEGMA! Who knew game night could be so….educational!


It’s all about responsibility. Education and confidence building brought to you buy Well Armed Women of Idaho.


Strengthfort 2018 brought to you by KEGFIT. Who knew lifting empty keggers for a free T-shirt and a beer could be so rewarding?!? Go Team.


March apparently was a month of splurging. Not only did we eat out nearly twice as much as all of 2017, but I broke down and bought some snow shoes! I justified the expense because the mountains bring so much joy to my life and well, I also got somewhere around 60% off. A good deal always helps to push this cheapskate over the edge into materialistic bliss.  Proudly, I strapped my new toy to the bike and rode home, pearly whites shining and my mind busy planning out the next adventure. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long.

While I hate working weekends, I love getting a day off during the week. It’s all about compromise I suppose. A few willing friends, a curvy road, and a couple hours later we arrived at our destination: Lamar Creek Trail just north of Idaho City. It was a beautiful day, spotty clouds mixed with sunshine with intermittent snow to add a little atmosphere; we were in the mountains after all!

After hiking around for a few hours, we only ran across a group of 4 who were staying in the nearby yurt. It always pleases me to have the wilderness all to myself. Serenity at it’s best. Here are a few photos from the day.






Believe it or not, there is MORE. Now you can see what I meant by March “Madness”. I wasn’t lying when I said it was a busy month. The next event really did have something to do with basketball.  Every year the Boise Parks and Rec Department puts on a Wheelchair Basketball Tournament as a fundraiser to earn money to purchase equipment for the adaptive sports program. St. Luke’s was representing with 2 teams and all together we all helped to raise over $4k. Amazing. We were absolutely…horrible, but it was so much fun and for a great cause! I can’t wait until next year.


Yes, March was a wonderful month full of fun times and life-long memories.


This is what a 2 week mini melt down looks like. Hahaha

Truth. It’s funny how even when things are going well, we can have mini melt downs. The last few weeks have definitely been a mental struggle. I’m not sure if it’s the on-going cold weather, a vitamin D deficiency affecting me, the horrific string of highly involved patients with severe cognitive deficits that I seem to keep getting week after week at work, or maybe stretching myself too thin as it has been a 31 day whirlwind of activity. Most likely a bit of everything! Either way, it happened and WOW, it really threw me for a loop.  I always post happy, positive things, but I wanted to take a moment and get real–Sometimes life feels hard. It’s easy to feel out of control. Not in a spastic, arm flailing, hair raising, tear bursting, psycho kind of way but more of a “What the HELL am I doing with my life?” kind of way. A topic that I likely think way too much about.  After 20+ years of dealing with the question, in a moment of pure brilliance, Eric and I thought of something epic with the potential to change our lives forever. Good or bad,  it is yet to be determined. You will have to stay posted to find out the next big change in our lives because it will take a while to implement. Mysterious, I know.  *insert mysterious music here*

I’ve decided if everything was easy all of the time life would be boring and we would turn into complacent drones buzzing around without purpose. I’m glad to be back and smiling again with a big dream and a grand plan on the horizon.

Thanks for reading and as always….until next time.





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  1. gaby

    i just love reading your Blog!!!
    I’m intrigued… is it a baby on the way???

    • admin

      Hahaha! NO!!!! No babies 🙂 Maybe a fur baby (someday) but not the screaming kind that grow into ruthless, know-it-all, overly emotional teenagers. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! Thanks so much for reading!!!

  2. Marie

    Enjoyed reading this blog of the month! Muah, kiss, kiss!!!….love you girl!

    • admin

      Glad you enjoyed it! It’s always fun to share 🙂 Love you back!

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