May Flowers

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Enjoying Ann Morrison Park in solitude

The countless tears shed during “April Showers” led, as I expected, to May Flowers and smiles galore.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, spring has sprung and the fog over my head has been lifted. Of course, it takes a little work to wade through the thick opaque madness that is THE FOG, but experience has taught me that if you hold on tight and put some effort into it, you will eventually pull yourself from darkness to light—and I did. It all started with 6am morning bike rides on a nearly empty greenbelt. To those of you who have experienced the magnificent greenbelt, a paved 30+ mile trail that cuts through the heart of the city alongside the river, you know that it is a rare and special occasion to experience it in solitude. If serenity is what you desire, hit the trail early on a weekday morning, you will not be disappointed–A great way to start the work day!

Can you spot the photo bomber?? lol


Another great way to lift the spirits is by surrounding yourself with positive, supportive friends. These women are the best and I’m so happy to have met them! So, I came out of hiding and headed out for a night on the town with the girls! The Village, one of my favorite places to lounge around after dark, despite the fact that it is a MALL. I know what you’re thinking, “A Mall, you at a MALL?” I never thought this would be my thing but the fountains draw me in like a moth to a flame. It’s mesmerizing and peaceful, especially when the crowds have faded.

The mesmerizing fountains at The Village.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love my husband? I do. I do. Over and over again, I do. When you meet your best friend and the love of your life and they are the SAME person, it just doesn’t get any better than that! I just wanted to say that I’m SO glad that I accidentally emailed him my Psychopathology assignment back in OT school, roughly 6 months after our first (and only date). I suppose I should be thanking Dr. Hebert for assigning all the work and my friends for helping me to procrastinate. Otherwise, we may never have went out that second time because I would have been much more alert and organized when sending that email. It only took 2 dates and I knew that this guy was special and I wanted to unravel the mysteries of his being. Nearly 6 years later, he is still a mystery and not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate every single second that I get to spend with him. He brings my life TO life and I have never been so in love. <3 Ok, sappy story over. Sometimes, “I love you” just isn’t enough to encapsulate the respect, honor, love, admiration, and appreciation that you have for someone.


We kicked May off with a bang at The Handlebar, a bicycle bar downtown. It was SO much fun that I think even Eric enjoyed it! Beer and Ping Pong. Need I say more? This was a BIG night for me because after loosing probably close to 20 games over the years, I finally beat Eric the Great, once. It could have been something to do with the adult beverages, but hey, I had a few too. Maybe beer is the secret to unlocking my God of Table Tennis within. Ha. Not likely, but it was super fun nonetheless.

The best part of the night was the gathering of roughly 8-10 hairy, moderately muscular men of various ages from mid 40’s-60’s. They were all wearing flowered head pieces and dresses, YES, dresses. They told us that every year in May they all get together and ride downtown in dresses to kick off riding season (I believe that is how the story went). How fun is that? Fun, brave, hilarious…it was quite the sight for sure. A sight for sore eyes that is!

I guess Eric won the best bike of the night prize because when we went back outside to retrieve our rides, one of those guys had placed their flowery headdress on his handlebars. It would have been such a waste to throw them away, so I wore it for the rest of the night!

After hanging with some friends, throwing a few back, and making Eric look like a noob at ping pong (ha, yeah, that didn’t actually happen) we decided NOT to go home and keep the party alive for a few more hours. We headed downtown and found this amazing bar with an outdoor patio. A 20-something blonde with long legs, an acoustic guitar and raspy voice drew us in like a siren lures men at sea towards the jagged rocks. We were beers in hand and munching on nachos before we even knew what hit us. It was a night to remember. There was a cool breeze in the air and we sat and laughed, listened, talked, and watched the world pass us by without a care in the world. It happened to be the same night as the prom for most of the Boise area high schools. It was interesting to sit there and reflect about that feeling we had at that age when we were young, wild, and free–full of spirit and dreams, the world was ours. It’s interesting how time can make you cynical and jaded. I think we both fight that sometimes, maybe Eric even more than I. I suppose wisdom comes at a price. 🙂

Smart Water. Stupid Jenni.


Wait, did I say wisdom? Ha. Make that SELECTIVE wisdom because I paid the price the next day! In all fairness, I only had 3 beers over the span of several hours. Or, maybe it was 12…no…it was definitely only 3. I’m too cheap to drop that much cash on bar beer even if it is delicious brew. All I know is I woke up and thought, never again. Hmm, I feel like I just had deja vu because I’m pretty sure I’ve uttered those words a few times before. RIP Frosti (my old college nickname). At the ripe age of 40, I have to say, I’m much too old for this!





Plus, THIS is my therapy now!

After the flavorful hops had expelled themselves from my sweaty brow, I was ready for some adventuring in this amazing state that I now call home. Idahome. It’s a thing. <3 Thank you to Gaby for inviting me out with her and her sister+friends for a day in the mountains–my HAPPY place. As always, it was beautiful and green and luscious and magnificent and….I could go on and on. I do truly love this place.


Here are a few photos from our day out!








It was a glorious day with serene outdoor beauty followed by fun times with friends. When we returned to Boise, I biked downtown for my yoga class and was feeling pretty chill. As I was riding home, the sun was setting and the colors were beyond inviting. So instead of going straight home, I headed down to my favorite park and snapped this photo. Standing there watching the sun fade, I felt so appreciative that I live in Boise. You just never know where the road will lead you. A year ago, I never could have imagined being this happy. The only thing that would be better is if I was a stay at home wife…then…I would NEVER be sad, grumpy, or bitter again. haha. Sigh. Reality check. I don’t think I’d make a very good bum, I’m too afraid of spiders!


After sifting through all of my photos this month, I realized it was a 30 day whirlwind of excitement and adventure! One thing I was most excited about was finally deciding to get that SUP I’ve been wanting for a year. Being a minimalist is sometimes difficult when you have a variety of interests. One thing that Eric and I have both become better at is waiting several weeks, months, or in our case sometimes years before taking the plunge and buying certain things. In a world of the I WANT IT NOW and I CAN HAVE IT NOW, it’s often more difficult than it would seem to withhold from such purchases. So, I’m proud that we did wait until we were 100% sure we’d use them a ton! We love the water and sometimes it’s more challenging to use they kayaks when you don’t want to drive anywhere! Plus, the iSUPs can go with us anywhere in the world if we were so inclined to drag them along.

Another factor that helped me pull the trigger was knowing that my Momma was coming to visit and with the SUP, we could walk it and the kayak to the pond and both enjoy the water while she was here! Thank you for helping me justify this in my own head mom 🙂

Me and the Momma

So, yes, my momma came to visit. We had a great time together and did tons of activities. We did of course leave some time for 3 very important things: relaxation, laziness, and napping amongst all of the adventuring.




Here are some photos from the first half of her visit!





Momma was a trooper. We only drove once during the 3 weeks she was here. Well, we didn’t have a vehicle until the last week, so she didn’t have a choice 🙂


I went into the library and when I came out, momma was perched for a perfect photo op. Awe. That’s my momma.


I love my silly momma. I suppose the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree, I’m the queen of silly!


Pit stop while out on a bike ride. Boise is so clean and beautiful. Don’t tell anyone! It’s getting too crowded here if you ask me!


Walking the Kayak and SUP to the beach. Thankful for WHEELS considering this was about a 120 lb load!


Splish Splash!


Ok friends, this long but hopefully entertaining blog is over for now! Stay tuned for June’s updates because it is going to be EPIC! Full of insight, adventure, and best of all…a ZIPline experience with amazing photos! Not because I took them, but because Idaho is absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you for reading and…until next time!



  1. Momma

    Had a fantastic with you Jenni. Love your blog as you always take awesome photos and you write beautifully. Can’t wait to read your next blog.

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