November 2021

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Utah Continued…

Can you spot our little white van?

Technically we were in Utah from mid October through December (and in a minute you’ll see why), but for ease of breaking down the blog posts, I’m going to separate our travels by months. Let’s face it, Eric and I really get around! We’re working on that though, and October marked the month were we really began to spend more time in the same areas to reduce our fuel consumption and enjoy our time doing things we love (hiking/biking) versus things we despise (countless hours of driving). Of course, it is always hard when we need (or want) to make those cross country trips to visit family and friends. But, when not en route to the Midwest, staying put for longer periods of time allows us to spend more time traveling by foot or on 2 wheels (our much preferred mode of transportation!).

Apple Valley

Home sweet temporary home

If there ever was a place that I would describe as “Heaven on Earth”, Apple Valley earns that title just by existing. You may remember it from a previous blog post here. Ultimately, it’s our go to area while in SE Utah.

There are multiple hiking and biking adventures that one could have while here. To make this easy, I’m just going to throw out a bunch of photos with short blurbs because let’s be honest, that’s the best part of the blog, right?!?

A hike along the rim
Grizz spotted a critter while I enjoyed the views
Grizz’s personal infinity pool on the edge of the rim
Nam Nam. Water Good.
I never get tired of this view. Hiked this trail at least 15 times while we were here!
More views of the mountains
Eric bikes to the edge of the mesa
This dog loves his trail runs
We just hiked 10 miles! How does this dog have energy for ball?
Ah, the wild beast does rest!
Mount Zion in the distance
Sunset along the rim
The rim trail also weaves through the spruce and juniper trees
At the edge of the rim
Grizz loves climbing the large boulder-like rocks
My favorite time of day, when the rocks turn orange
Another lovely sunset
A yard with a view
The cacti are always plentiful
More views from the rim
A happy Jenni
The entire place turns pink/orange just before sundown
Grizz has become at expert at avoiding cactus
Yep, more views from the rim!
Another sunset at the rim
Interesting rock formation from hidden canyon
Hidden Canyon Trail
Who says dinosaurs are extinct?
The sun melts the sap filling the air with a sweet aroma
I had to break out the hammock to soak up the warmth of the sun while enjoying the view
Always a different perspective to be seen
The moon rising up above Mount Zion
The next morning, I hiked to the opposite side of the rim to catch the full moon sinking behind the clouds

A Bikepacking Over-nighter

Grizz and I set out for an overnight bike adventure to explore some new trails in the area. It was a lot of fun but a little cold that night! Luckily me and my buddy stayed warm with lots of snuggles!

Day 1

These rocks are upwards to 12-15 feet high (sometimes bigger)
A lone tree along the rim
Views looking towards Hurricane, UT
Mommy wore me out on our ride today!
Grizz: Thankfully we made camp soon after my nap
Climbing rocks with Grizz to check out the sunset
Snuggle, snuggle, snuggles. Best way to stay warm in the tent on a cold night

Day 2

Shadow shot!
Layers and layers of multi-million year old rock
This dog loves the trail
This trail in particular is one of my absolute favorites in the area
One of the coolest plants with shiny red bark, the Manzanita.
A close up of the Manzanita plant
The ledge which is part of the trail (hope it doesn’t cave in!)
This smile says it all. I absolutely love this trail!

That’s a wrap! Until next time Apple Valley.

Northern Arizona

Another favorite of ours is Northern Arizona. Despite the winter weather, we just couldn’t resist spending some time in the higher elevations before winter officially hit and the roads would be inaccessible for the remainder of the year.

Although, when it comes to snow, you know who is ready, willing, and rearing to go!

And there is another you know who that is slightly less furry but also a lover of cold weather. I’ll give you a hint: It’s NOT me!

Fall colors surviving the dusting of snow

Eventually the snow cleared and we were able to get back to riding again. Nothing makes you feel more alive than sucking wind riding a bike up big hills at 8,000+ feet!

Next Stop

The next stop is Southern Arizona to ride out the winter months.

Until next time friends…

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