Oct, Nov, Dec Updates (Yikes, I’m so behind!)

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How has in been an entire 3 months since I’ve posted an update? Well, a lot has been going on which is a bit of an understatement. Not only have we been exploring this beautiful state, but St. Luke’s has been keeping me pretty busy. All I know is that we absolutely have fallen in love with Idaho and the love affair is going strong. Boise has everything we ever wanted and more: outdoor adventure, fantastic people, small city feel, beauty, community, bike-ability, and the list goes on! Idaho was named the “Gem” State for a reason, because that is exactly what it is, a diamond in the ruff!

You know I’m not all talk and no action, so I have plenty of photos and stories to share from the past 3 months of bliss.


Ah, October. My favorite month indeed. Those beautiful, rich colors that speckle the earth dazzling the eyes not to mention cooler temperatures that make you want to live outside like our primitive ancestors. Ah, October. My favorite month indeed. 🙂

October was an eventful month. We are sad to announce that after only a few weeks here, Gabe decided to move back to Missouri. Teenagers are very unpredictable creatures, and that’s all I’ve got to say about that. On a positive note, Eric and I tried our best to stay busy and what a better way to do that than getting acquainted with our new home! It was a fun, but difficult month because while teenagers can be annoying, self-centered, over-confident know-it-alls…they are yours and you love them no matter what. So, of course, we missed the little punk. 🙁

Having said that, life moves forward and we marched on. What else can you do?

Speaking of marching…well, first a back story…



I met some women during a Bold Betties event (the meetup group I mentioned in my earlier blog post) at the sand dunes in Bruneau, about an hour and 15 min east of Boise. What a fun event! I had no idea there were sand dunes in Idaho. Well there are! We had such a great time and what a work out it is to climb sand dunes for a few hours just for that 10 second rush as you fly down the hill, sand blasting you in the face. Really, it was quite fun. Also, a beautiful day with blue skies and white puffy clouds that went on for days. Plus, the view from the top was out of this world!


Stunning views from the top!



The Death March

Dry Creek/Shingles Creek Trail, Boise Foothills


Ah yes, back to the marching. A few of the women I had met invited me out on what was supposed to be a 2, maybe 3 hour hike. I was so excited to get to explore the foothills as they are SO close to home, so of course I said YES while raising my hand and dancing a jig…pick me, pick me!  It was a fantastic day, the fall colors were popping and my eyes were in a constant state of stimulation. Luckily, my new friends didn’t mind all the stopping to snap thousands of pics along the way. I was enjoying myself so much, that after we hit the 4 mile mark, I made the mistake of thinking…yeah, sure we may as well go another mile or so and do the full loop instead of turning back. If you ever find yourself feeling this way in the middle of an unfamiliar hike, let me offer you some sound advice: TURN BACK. haha. After about another 1/2 mile, what was once a fairly level, easy trail became quite steep and more rugged. Let’s just say by the end of our trek, we ended up hiking 14.2 miles!!! YES, you heard (well, read) that correctly. FOURTEEN POINT TWO MILES with over 3,000 ft of overall elevation gain might I add. 🙂 It was tough, I’m not going to lie. At one point, I seriously considered whipping out the Mylar blanket and calling it quits, but the fear of tarantulas is a powerful motivator. Mountain lions, a meandering bear, rattlesnakes…no problem but a spider? I don’t think so.

So, on I marched. And marched, and marched….and you get the idea. Seriously though, at one point, while climbing, I was literally lifting my pant legs up with my arms because my hip flexors were completely spent. I couldn’t even pick up my legs the pain was too intense. And how was I supposed to cry when I was hiking with 2 (at the time) nearly complete strangers? haha Luckily, I sucked it up and I came out of it a better, stronger person. Well, at least mentally. Physically, I came out of it feeling like a limp noodle. Worth it? Totally! Except I missed 2 days of work the following week because I couldn’t walk….ah, details! But, seriously, we had so much fun and it was such a beautiful day! Thanks Jackie and Heather for helping me through the Death March! I couldn’t have made it without either of you.


Yeah, totally worth it <3
The trailblazers!


A lone tree, not lonely.



After a highly eventful October, we earned a quiet November. This is when we learned about the INVERSION. In all of our research about Boise, never did we run across anything in our countless searches that said anything about winter inversion patterns common to this area. According to Google, Inversion is a deviation from the normal change of an atmospheric property with altitude. HUH? Basically, it’s this horrible thing that traps air pollution in the valley and makes temperatures plummet. Yeah, fun. So, except for my daily commute to work, we spent most of November inside. Always time for a little fun though…so I did go catch my first official Idaho Steelheads Hockey game with new Bold Betty Friends! Good times, great game but be warned….do NOT eat the hot dogs unless you want to spend some time in the penalty box…if you know what I mean! lol




My favorite time of the year for one reason, and one reason alone. Lights. I take thousands of photos of lights, but I will spare you the trouble of sorting through them all and just post one.  I was a bit sad because I had been a under the weather for a few weeks and missed the Garden Aglow at the Botanical Garden, otherwise, you all would have been in for a treat. Next year. Although I didn’t get a chance to see the wonderful light displays, it did snow and I was able to take full advantage!

Meet Frank.


Frank was quite the character and he led a full life for roughly 2 weeks. We had a lot of laughs and accomplished quite a few things during his stay. For instance, Frank learned to sing and play the guitar, had his first beer, went bike riding, tasted fresh snow, and learned the value of making each moment count because you never know when it will be your last.

I taught him right with a good IPA.



Yeah, Frank and I had a great time. Luckily, Eric isn’t the jealous type. Plus, we had our share of fun together playing in the snow at our favorite park in Boise.




Our first snow was a huge success. From a snowman to a long walk at the park we are so fortunate to live practically next door to, December was a great month!

And to top it off…I was able to also spend it with new friends at the Bold Betties Christmas Party!


I just want to say, I’m so grateful for Eric, living in a place that I absolutely love, meeting new people and making solid friendships, and finally finding a job that I love. I have never felt more at home that I do here in Idaho. So, thank you for having me and please remember, not all Californians are created equal 😉


Cheers to 2017!

Until next time friends…thanks for reading!

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