October ’18: Pot of Gold

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It has been a beautiful fall here in Boise, Idaho. I feel fortunate to live in such an amazing state where the weather is prime and outdoor adventures wow even the most seasoned traveler. The downside is that wanderlust constantly courses through my thrill-seeking veins making the daily grind almost unbearable. Since returning from our bike tour of Idaho, life hasn’t been the same. Instead of curbing my appetite, the trip made me more ravenous than ever before. The taste of freedom still lingers on my tongue and the tiny cloud of hopes and dreams that I kept locked inside my head has burst. The rain is falling and my brain is overflowing with ideas.

When circumstances align, you get a rainbow. When the soul knows it is following the right path, you’re rewarded with the pot of gold! Each individual’s path is different. The gold does not represent riches, but rather, a feeling. A feeling of calm, the ability to be fully and completely in the moment, with a still mind—True happiness.

I’m trying desperately not to actively seek the gold, but rather stumble upon it in a more natural way. It’s like love, you can’t force it. I do however, believe I’m making good decisions and carefully mapping out pathways that will lead me in the direction I desire.

This is one of the biggest reasons that I’ve decided to go back to working PRN at the hospital. Full time (which always seemed to average 45+ hours a week) was just not for me. That path led to darkness and misery because I have little time to engage in the activities that I most enjoy. I want time to write, create, and enjoy life. My time is precious and I’ll never get it back.

When you have little and need little it opens up doors that would otherwise be impossible. I’ve never been happier with our decision to be minimalists so that Eric and I are ultimately in control of how we choose to spend our time. Also, I want to say, to my loving and supportive husband, you are a pot of gold in my eyes. Thank you for always being on my side, it means everything.


This month has not only been a time for reflection, but also celebration. A celebration of friendship, human connection, and sharing in the simplicity of life.

We were honored to host our first Warm Showers guest, Javier, from Mexico City (Mexico). Jave has been following his own path to enlightenment and has been traveling by bike through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and now Idaho. He is a charming, charismatic character with an epic mustache. We enjoyed getting to know him during what turned into a 6 day stay.

Almost a week of sharing stories, sipping beers, and providing a tour de Idaho allows strangers to become friends. What we learned: 1. Traveling brings people together. 2. Cyclists will eat you out of house and home. Wow! I’ve never seen anyone put away that much food.


Tour de Idaho

A fitting start.


Downtown Boise

With countless microbreweries in the area, a beer stop every now and then was a must.



And…a pit stop at Jack’s Urban Meeting Place to play!


It was there that we met a group of 7 teenagers playing hide and go seek. At 41 years old, I was thrilled at the invitation to join, but with 6 floors to explore, these old bones just didn’t have that much energy in store.





Of course there is always enough energy for bicycling and taking photos along the way! I absolutely love fall and Boise is a great place to be this time of year!


The other thing that there is always time for—Nature and Hot Springs.

 The early bird DOES get the worm. What a beautiful sunrise on the way to soak our Monday away. <3

Photo by Gaby Taylor

I want to say a special thank you to my wonderful friend Gaby for driving us that day. It’s always fun to share these moments with like-minded friends who enjoy exploring the outdoors just as much as I do. This gal right here is one of my favorite humans. And Javier, I’m glad we had the opportunity to show you what Idahome means!

Photo by Gaby Taylor





Monday came and went and it was time for our traveling friend to move on. As Javier was loading his bike and saying goodbye, the twinge of jealousy entered our hearts as he rode away. He was doing IT, living our (well, his) dream. Of course, we also felt excitement! Jave, if you are reading this we wish you safe travels and positive experiences ahead.

Reflecting on our time together, we’ve decided to turn that twinge of jealousy into motivation. We’re eager to unleash our own plans, but as always, I go back to my mantra, “Good things come to those who wait!”

We will have our day.


I could end it here, but there were so many other wonderful things that I want to remember about this month. I met up with another friend, Andrea, for my first ever hike up to the popular Boise attraction, Table Rock. It was short, but steep, and offered incredible views of the city and beyond. After, she introduced me to Goldy’s Corner Bakery. Yum. Thanks for spending your Sunday with me Andrea!!!















This is going to sound crazy, but this beautiful city of trees is surrounded by desert. So the view from table rock is rather incredible. On the left you have the booming city with a great view of downtown. On the right, the houses and trees fade and the landscape becomes a baron, sand-filled wasteland with its own unique beauty. A great place to explore indeed.










I suppose I can check that off of my Boise bucket-list.


Lastly, I finally got my Artist’s Corner setup. After months of having outdoor gear strewn all over the house, I got organized and everything now has a place. I’m officially ready to beat the winter blues and get those creative juices flowing!



Thanks for reading! Until next time my friends….

And whatever you do….

Help make America Juicy Again!!!

Now THIS is a philosophy I can stand behind!



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