October 2021

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The Snake River

It’s really difficult to be sad about leaving Montana while heading to your other favorite state: Idaho. Or as I like to say, Idahome <3 I may no longer have the privilege of physically living in Idaho, but my heart will forever remain in its mountains, hills, rivers, and valleys.

The sky was bright and the roads were clear as we made our way to Star Valley.

Palisades Reservoir


Have you ever wanted to know what the bottom of a drained reservoir may look like? Well, here you go! You’re welcome. The scary part is, this is what many of our lakes, reservoirs, and other water sources are starting to look like across the world thanks to global warming and over population! Thankfully, this one will be refilled come spring.

Grizz can’t wait for the return of the water!

Of course, Eric and I had other plans considering we could carry as much water as we needed!

We rode over 5 miles before the dried up lake bed became too muddy to continue on. Sorry Grizz, you have to drink the filtered water instead of the stinky lake water. Needless to say, he was quite disappointed.

After several hikes, bike rides, and a few sunsets, we were faced with another weather window and decided to leave before the big snow. At least we got a few days in this blissful paradise! Here are a few more photos from our time here.


In the spirit of adventure, Eric and I selected a new southern route trough Wyoming on route to Utah. Apparently, we weren’t the first to explore this terrain…

We hit a lot of incoming rain but were grateful for an overall safe passage through the mountains and hills of Star Valley.

The Green River Valley

As luck would have it, the rain ceased and we scouted out some new areas to return to in the Green River Valley. A phenomenal spot with endless hiking and biking opportunities. Here are a few photos from our time here.

Color everywhere!
A portion of the Green River entering the Flaming Gorge in the distance
Clearing skies, yay!

Utah (Part 1)

The Flaming Gorge

Nope, this is NOT Photoshop. We really timed our drive perfectly. The lighting was spot on!

Ashley National Forest

Gluttons for punishment when it comes to cold weather, Eric and I decided to stay in higher elevation among the aspen trees. It was just too beautiful a spot to pass by. That’s why we put a special heater in the van after all. Winter is the perfect time of year to get away from the crowds (well, as long as you stay away from ski towns!).

Red Fleet Reservoir

This place is awesome! Grizz and I had a fantastic time exploring the hills (very, very big hills) on foot. The terrain was unique, diverse, and exceptionally beautiful! Unfortunately, the road and the weather were not cooperating so when it started to rain heavily with no end in sight, we decided to leave to avoid getting stuck for several days. Here are a few more photos from our explorations.

Stunning Red Rock mixed with bright green trees
An empty road we hiked for several miles
Intriguing rock formations
Pokey and Pink
A start of an ant hill (I think)
Start of a beautiful sunset on an evening hike with Grizz
Exiting the area


Canyon Pintado

Due to continued rain and questionable roads, our stay in the Canyon Pintado area was cut much shorter than we would have liked. This is definitely a place we plan to return to as we didn’t get to visit the Dinosaur National Monument or explore the many off road sites along Hwy 191. Oh well, you have to leave some things for the next time through, right? Right! Despite mostly just driving through, we did enjoy the color changing terrain and winding roads. The rain however was starting to get a little old, especially while driving. Eric’s driving skills saved us from roaming deer a number of times!


Despite the damp cold, we made time to check out a few things on the way. Grizz insisted we stop at least a few times and I’m sure glad he did!

Douglas Pass

Utah (Part 2)

And just like that, we were back in Utah!

While there are many benefits to endless rain, my favorite is my own personal benefit from the dramatic skies! Here are a few photos from the drive.

Such cool rocks
The Hwy splits right through them
The colors were really popping!
More dramatic skies!
One of my favorites!

Bryce Canyon Area

After falling in love with the Bryce Canyon area earlier in the year, Eric and I wanted to return despite the cold temperatures and gusty winds. Click here to see a ton more photos of this area from our visit in May.

Next stop…

Southeastern Utah and time with Momma H.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for continued updates coming soon!

Until next time friends….

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  1. Debbie

    What spectacular pictures!! My favorite is the one with the reflection off your van. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!!!!

    • Jenni

      Oh yes, I do love that pic as well <3 Thanks for reading! I can't believe I'm finally caught up with the blog! It's a miracle. haha

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