April ’19: Renewed

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Spring is finally here. The snow is melting, trees are in full bloom, and the sun feels glorious on my vitamin D deficient skin. The cold, bleak winter has passed and I feel renewed. Happiness and optimism flows so naturally this time of year–Life is reborn.

An Adventure

After months of anticipating our girl’s weekend rendezvous at the Rocky Ridge Yurt just outside of Idaho City, we finally got our turn to enjoy some solitude in the mountains. Well, as much solitude as one could get with a group of women. Like a pack of hyenas, we filled the hilltops with the sound of laughter and any concerns we had regarding wildlife encounters were stifled.

We hiked in to Rocky Ridge on Saturday afternoon after a filling breakfast at Trudy’s. The sky was a magnificent blue marked with the occasional bright white cloud. A perfect backdrop to kick of our 24 hour escapade.

It was an interesting snowshoeing experience considering at least 40% of the snow had melted.

With full packs and sinking snowshoes, we trudged our way through what was left of the melting pockets of ice. It was quite the workout. In some sections, we would sink it all the way to a knee or hip every 5-10 steps.

Luckily, Cece had our backs (or should I say our stomachs?) and for the first time since being in Boise, I had the pleasure of enjoying the tastes from Cece’s Kitchen: Glamping Edition. Initially, I have to admit, I thought these girls were a little crazy for wanting to hike in a TON of food. But, after savoring a few bites of the spaghetti sauce, I could see that it was clearly worth the effort. That night we had snacks, salad, and a gourmet meal. It was fabulous. Thank you for sharing!


The next day we hiked out, each of us not so secretly desiring another 24 hours up on the mountain. I think it was officially decided if we ever get lucky enough to snag another Yurt, a 2 day trip is a must!

Here are a few more photos from the trip:

The old crow

In flight

The wolf cutout was from the amazing, door-less, outhouse. Who knew relieving yourself in such a natural space could be so…not sure the right word…enjoyable?

Van Updates

Now that the weather is being more cooperative, Eric and I are making a lot more progress on the van. We’re beyond excited. I’m happy to report that most of the tedious work is done and we’re ready to delve into the “big stuff” like bathroom walls, cabinets, bed, and floors. So hang in there, May’s blog should be a FINISHED (or nearly finished van!).

We have quickly learned that for each hour of work we THINK we have, it is equivalent to at least 3 hours of ACTUAL work. For example, sanding and staining the ceiling was a full, 4 day event. But, the payoff is real! We absolutely love it!

Another motivating factor in this van build our burning desire to have a few long weekend adventures before leaving Idaho in July! We’re both looking forward to moving into our new space and seeing where the path leads.

The unknown is beyond exciting.

You know what they say about plans?

Plans Change

Initially, we had this plan to use a light grey stain on the cedar to enhance the look of the wood and provide a subtle but interesting look. After completing a trial we were like, “uh…NO!” Wood is a tricky beast, and some materials just don’t go together. Mental note, this was definitely one of them.

What DOES go together is Cedar and Danish Oil. We are SO happy with the natural look of the wood.

Change is Good

After hours and hours of sanding, oiling, and hanging…here is the nearly finished product!

Besides the ceiling, pot lights, and some wiring, we were also able to get the plywood over the wheel wells.

It may not seem like much but if it wasn’t for Eric’s brute strength, these would NEVER have fit. Bending 1/2 inch plywood into a tight space isn’t the easiest of tasks. Let’s just say this part of our van looked a bit like a crime scene by the time we were finished. Blood. Everywhere. But they fit like a dream thanks to our cardboard cutout template! Having 1,000 Amazon boxes filling the house paid off after all!

Another big addition is the shower pan and the box Eric built to house the drain/plumbing lines. More progress on this project can be seen the the May blog. It’s hard to believe that this 24×32 space is going to hold a toilet, sink, and one of us comfortably, but it does!

This month I also learned that I wasted several hundred thousand dollars and 9 years of my life on 2 college degrees pursuing careers that l loathe. I could have used that money to invest in a wood shop and learned to become a master carpenter. I love working with my hands! I’ve decided to tuck this experience into my tool belt to be used at a later date. One of these days I’ll know what I want to be when I grow up!

Other News


With the help of my mechanically intelligent hubby and some fine tuning from Ryan over at Bike Touring News, I built my first bike frame up! It was love at first ride. I’m so happy to get away from the heavy steel horse that I had before. Surly makes amazing bikes, but it was a size too big and HIGH maintenance! I’m super excited for my first tour on this light weight beauty! Eric and I hope to be back in Idaho sometime in September for the Hot Springs Loop 2.0. We’re stoked about another opportunity to complete this bikepacking trip of a lifetime!

Here is the new bike all put together. I need to tame down the rear fender, but otherwise, she’s good and ready for some adventures!

Play Ball

Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun. Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun. DunDunDunDun-De-Dum…..C-H-A-R-G-E!

A co-worker talked me into playing on her slow pitch team and I have to admit, I’m SO glad she did! It’s been so much fun rekindling my love of the game. We’re 1-1 so far and I’m batting .950 (haha). After nearly 20 years, I’ve finally learned how to hit a change up! The trick? Waiting for the ball, of course. Easy to do when you’re mentally and physically slower—Thank you old age! haha

Wrapping it Up

April has always been one of my favorite months. I always look forward to that transition from gloom to bloom. It’s amazing what a little sun and warmer temps does for the soul!

I not so secretly hope that once we are traveling full time, we’ll be chasing 60-80 degree weather. I’m not entirely sure that dream will come true, considering I’m married to a polar bear, but one can wish.

We don’t have any definitive plans as of yet, but we have decided to head back to the Midwest for 2-3 weeks in July/August to see Eric’s parents and catch up with friends. Get those Margarita glasses ready—I hope to catch up with everyone soon!

Until Next time….

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  1. Gaby

    So awesome to reed your blog, its so entertaining. Super happy to have shared the Yurt experience with you.

  2. Marie

    Enjoyed reading your blog! And I ditto Gaby about the yurt! So fun! Also, hoping to cheer you on at another one of your softball games!

    • admin

      Glad you enjoyed the blog Marie! Yes, I ditto the dittos…our time at the yurt will always hold a special place in my Idaho memories! I can’t wait to see you all at another game! I’ll keep you posted on the times!

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