Road Trip: Bear Lake

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Garden City, Utah

What a beautiful sight, Bear Lake. We were all captivated as we eagerly crossed the mountains and laid eyes on the “Caribbean of the Desert”. A wide smile swept across my face as I looked in the rear view mirror, so happy we lugged these kayaks across the country!


My mom is doing some work camping at the local KOA in Garden City and we decided to make a little pit stop to visit and take in some of the local sights. Gabe slept in the RV and Eric and I pitched a tent and “roughed it”, trying out some of our bike touring gear! We had a great time. Plus, nothing beats Momma’s cooking!  Grilling every night, potato salad, baked beans, s’mores; we were in hog heaven, literally.




We also had some adventures…got my mom on a kayak for the first time (on a lake). She was so cute with her little had and over-sized PFD and she rode the fairly good sized waves created by the 978 million boats out on the lake that day. It was 4th of July weekend after all, so it was a bit busy!  Worth it though because the water was wonderful and cool and clear and amazing.

We hope to go back some day when it’s not so busy so that we can all truly enjoy this gorgeous piece of heaven.


Here are a few more shots from the trip:



Lots of really great places to explore! Logan and Garden City are both two spots we’d like to go back to someday! Maybe on the way back to Boise 😉


We hit the road to try to beat some of the July 4th crowds, pleased to have beautiful blue skys 97% of the way home!

I was happy when Eric was driving so that I could stare off into the endless blue sky.


And of course attempt to snap a few pics out the window as we flew by. Let me just say it’s not that easy to frame a shot while speeding down the interstate. So, I was pretty proud of this shot!

What is this? Ah, the sound of savings. After paying upwards to $3/gallon (which is actually cheap for the west coast), we were excited to see our first cheap gas sign as we were in Somewhereville, Kansas. The lowest prices we saw on the trip was $1.88.


And of course, not long after we hit the Missouri border, a storm was on the horizon. It rained, hard, but luckily no major wind, hail, or worse yet….TORNADOES!!

We ended up driving through the Lake of the Ozarks and Jefferson City, MO during prime firework time. I wasn’t able to get a great pic, but we all enjoyed the lights as Missouri welcomed us home.

After a long 2 day drive, we were all excited to be permanently planted on motionless soil.

It was a long trip and a fun trip but we’re glad to be home!

Until next time…..


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