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I’ve officially been home for 14 days and life has been happening! I’m not even sure where to start! The first few days were spent catching up on some much needed R&R. After 5 months on the go, I needed a little break! The funny thing about that is, no matter how tired or worn out I get, a day or two makes me feel new again. So, by the end of the week, I was rearing to go! Good thing, because we have TONS to do before leaving in March. I’ll spare you the details of all the fun errands I’ve been running. That makes for a sleeper of a story. What I will share are a few events from the past couple of weeks.


Eric and I follow this blog written by a guy who calls himself Mr. Money Mustache or MMM for short. It’s fantastic and I highly recommend it! It will make you re-think your life! Anyways, Eric flexed his research muscle and found one of MMM’s articles, “Young Man Saved from Jeep Suicide”.  In short, MMM took on a reader case study and attempted to help solve the financial crisis of a guy who happened to have a Jeep. Basically he tells the guy that you should never borrow money for a car AND my favorite bit of advice:  If you like off-roading, get some hiking boots or a mountain bike and use your muscles like a bad-ass, instead of wasting your money on a big elaborate motorized La-Z-Boy contraption that allows you to go over bumpy terrain while sitting down and pushing a stupid pedal!

In the spirit of aligning ourselves with what we SAY we want –a simple life, with some inspiration from MMM, and a 4-5 day mentally excruciating debate about the pros and cons of keeping the Xterra…we sold her to become debt free. YES! DEBT FREE! We don’t owe anyone in the world anything. Nada. Zilch. Zero. It was the final debt holding us back from a life of true freedom. A great accomplishment that helped me initially combat my feelings of sorrow and loss for what was probably my favorite vehicle I’d ever owned. There were several tears shed since her depart. Mostly ones of joy that beamed from Eric like crepuscular rays shooting down from the heavens above. My tears however were realer than real. The X and I bonded while up on the Sequoia mountains during those amazing few months we shared in California. She took me where no one else dared to go. We had the ENTIRE place to ourselves and it was MAGICAL. I semi-seriously told Eric, “Ok. Don’t be jealous but I will probably never get over my X”. But I was wrong. I did.

<3 Memories <3

As I typically do, I started thinking. I thought about the “connection” I said that I had to something so…silly. An inanimate object. After hours of picking my feelings apart and deep self-psychoanalysis, I made some shocking discoveries! (Haha…I’m so cheap, I even act as my own shrink!). I’ll spare myself the ridicule of sharing them all, but the one I’m most embarrassed by is the fact that I had thought a part of my self worth was tied to the type of vehicle I had. Now, the Xterra was not an expensive, flashy, over-the-top vehicle or anything, but “it” was cool (to me) and I really felt good about having “it”. Notice I start to change my vernacular as I became less attached and more aware of what “it” really was! Eric was right (as usual) because the Xterra was a tool. Just a tool. It got me places I needed to go. It would have worked to do all the things I needed it to do and get me everywhere I wanted to go (on or off road). But, it was a payment. It was debt. It was working for an extra year to pay it off. It was something I would have to worry about ALL the time because I like to keep my things nice. It was keeping me from having the life of freedom that I have worked so hard to achieve. IT HAD TO GO!

Now, a week after our decision, I feel good. I know we did the right thing and while I don’t plan on falling in love with this paid in full, sparkling blue, 2014 Dodge Caravan any time soon, it will be perfect for our upcoming adventures. Plus, we can save even more money by staying in it for a week or two while out on the road. How? Because we don’t owe anyone anything!

Money = freedom but time also equals freedom. Now we will have time to do the things we want to do and that is one of the most freeing feelings I’ve ever had.

“Freedom is about being so truly, madly, and deeply attached to your own soul that you can’t bear -if only for a moment- a life that doesn’t honor it.” -Andrea Balt

Our souls crave adventure, a life free of constant deadlines and endless paperwork. While we may have to deal with “real life” sometimes, the idea that we can simplify our lives right now in order to work less is beyond brilliant! To celebrate, we drove out to the nearby Graham State Park and rejoiced in the fuel efficiency and spaciousness of our new van. We went and checked out the cave (which is no longer accessible) and hiked some of the short but nicely manicured trails. It was so good to be back in Missouri and hanging out with my best friend again. Pure happiness. Here are some pics from our hike.






Yeah, that and so much more happened in just 1 week!  Leading into week 2 I stayed pretty busy running more errands, downsizing again, and visiting with past co-workers! A special thanks again to Mary G and her awesome hubby for buying me dinner at Shakespeare’s. Yum and for Kim, Jim, Henry, Brenda, Jess and boys for always treating me like family and taking the time for a night out! You all rock. I have truly been fortunate to work with a lot of AMAZING folks! OTs/PTs/SLPs are pretty rad, but that is likely a biased opinion.

Hmm…so what else? Oh yeah, Eric and I got married.

Until next time…… 🙂


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  1. Mary

    You are so inspiring! Can’t wait to follow more adventures! Congratulations 🍾 on getting married!

    • admin

      Thanks Mary!!! I’m feeling very present in life right now! So glad we got to hang before heading off into the wild unknown!

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