Iowa: Week 13 Reflections

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Thirteen weeks have come and gone and I have officially completed my first travel assignment in Waterloo, Iowa.Time has an interesting way of playing tricks on your mind and I’m convinced that it rarely plays by the rules. Despite the fact that my days in Iowa were sometimes long, they passed awfully fast. It’s weird how that works.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I have had a lot of time to think about what I really want out of life. Stepping away from everything that you know can often open the door to new realities that were once unimaginable. I suppose that’s why our experiences often shape us into new, hopefully better versions of ourselves. Change can be difficult at times, but I’m learning that it’s more of a gift if we open our minds and allow life to just….happen. Easier said than done!

Iowa is a beautiful state and I hope to someday go back and bicycle the entire state with Eric! Not the RAGBRAI (the famous and very popular ride across Iowa) but just a nice slow paced trip, stopping to really enjoy and experience as many of the quaint towns along the way and ride all the THOUSANDS of trails Iowa has to offer.

Since I had been sick for a solid 2.5 weeks and about a 1/2 week recovery (still have a hoarse voice can you believe it!) I wasn’t really able to get out there and do any more trips or bike adventures. I was BUMMED to the 1000th degree. Due to this bad news, I thought I would recap and share some of my favorite pictures while I was in Iowa!


Windows desktops pics must come from Iowa!


Love, love, loved the trails and being surrounded by trees!


My loop around Big Woods Lake pre-flood with all the layers of green! So lush and beautiful!


You can literally ride your bike EVERYWHERE in Iowa!


A ‘perfect cloud day’ at Big Woods Lake.


The sun’s reflection in my favorite viewpoint Big Woods Lake has to offer.


My favorite shot of the best mode of transportation ever invented!


A couple watching the waters rise above the road.


Iowa provided me with the best birthday gift EVER! It was the best day. Eric was there, we were out riding, and then the most fabulous sunset!


It was too pretty to post only 1 photo of it!


My night ride to help me relieve the blues after Eric left.


My trip to Waterloo for the first time! I was sooo happy that day.


Another favorite shot from one of the many bridges in Waterloo.


This is probably my MOST favorite shot of my entire trip.


Enjoying some of the fall colors


Another top 10 shot! The colors were so vibrant that day.


The best find on AirBNB. My cozy cottage while away from home. I could have stayed there forever…but I have new adventures awaiting.


Watching the sun come up on my day trip to Dubuque.


The beautiful River Walk in Dubuque



And I think my smile in this picture shows how absolutely happy I was when I was out on the Iowa trails. It was a magical wonderland and I can’t wait to go back!

Also, I want to give a little shout out to all the amazing people I’ve met along the way. Gary and Carolyn, thank you so much for taking me in for a few weeks, feeding me some amazing home cooked meals, and sharing wonderful stories and conversations. I will never forget your kindness and hope our paths cross again. To my co-workers: Kristen, Jordan, Caitlin, Julie, Pat, Brittney, and Michelle: thank you all for the laughs, patience, and friendship over the last 3 months. You all have been a lot of fun to work with and have truly made this a wonderful experience! Thank you. And to Iowans in general: I love your state! Thank you for all of the amazing bike paths and using your financial resources for doing good in the community as opposed to lining the pockets of rich politicians and businessmen! 🙂





WHAT’S NEXT? _______________________

There are many upcoming adventures that are on the verge of taking place in the next few weeks! So stay tuned for lots of good stories and photos! I’ll be doing a trip to Utah and I should soon hear where my next assignment is going to be. Keeping my fingers crossed for California or Texas so keep me in your thoughts as I need all the good, positive vibes I can get for a good, safe area and decent facility.



  1. Kym Smith

    Congratulations! Your photos are beautuful and it shows you have an eye to capture nature. The blog has been a joy to read. Safe travels to Utah.

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