Westward Bound (Part 2)

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Flagstaff, AZ

After years of driving through the town of Flagstaff, Arizona, I finally had a chance to stay and take in some of the sights! I was so excited because I always thought there was something magical about this place. Let’s just say I was right! I fell in love with this town and hope someday to go back. Next time with Eric!


There is something so peaceful about the mountains. While these are far from the magnificent beast mountains of Colorado, they were still beautiful. We stayed at a beautiful mountain campground set at 7000 feet among tall ponderosa pine trees at the base of the San Francisco Peaks. We could see one of the tall peaks from the window of the RV. Cool!!  Although our time in Flagstaff was limited, we made the most of our 2 days and had a lot of fun.



The first night we were there we had barely beat the snowfall (so thankful for that!). Within a half hour of arriving the Xterra was whiter than white! The snow just kept coming down so while my mom prepared dinner, I decided to do a little hunting/gathering for the night’s entertainment so I threw on my YakTrax and walked about a 1/4 mile to the nearest Red Box.

That night we enjoyed a nice spaghetti dinner with salad and Welch’s Grape Sparkling Cider. And with all the snow, it’s needless to say it was a good night for a movie and a warm cup of hot cocoa after dinner.  Mmmm….





The next day I went out exploring Mount Elden located next to the campground. It was amazing to have the whole place to myself!







The next day my mom went out and drove around the Historic Downtown and Railroad district. It was cold and a momma had been sick so we didn’t really get out and walk around a lot. We did “stumble” across the best place for lunch though. I say “stumble” because of course, I had researched some good eats in the area. Let me tell you, google is AMAZING. I have a feeling we never would have found this place otherwise. It was a local, tucked away, hidden gem for sure. If you’re ever in the area I HIGHLY recommend Satchmo’s BBQ. Delicious.


After the food coma, me and my mom went back home and relaxed a bit to prepare for our night out at Lowell’s Observatory, one of the oldest observatories in the U.S. Fun fact, this is the location of the discovery of Pluto back in 1930. It was a cold night at the observatory, but a really informative and super cool place to visit. Another great place to visit if you’re in town. The pic below is EXACTLY what it looked like outside, but I could never have captured this photo without my real camera and a tripod. So, I borrowed this from the internet. 🙂

Really really cool place though. And super awesome geeky college kids working there which actually made the experience even cooler. <3 Geeks.

The next morning we were off again….next stop: The Grand Canyon.

Stay tuned……




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